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tipos revestimiento piscinaFrom the placement, to the shape, to the accessories, your pool is like your own personal fashion model, designed solely by you. Choosing pool tile is like selecting the perfect shoes to match your outfit, it can make or break the overall atmosphere and look.

Not only does pool tile keep scum lines at bay, it also has the ability to give your pool the “hey, look at me” kind of attitude.

Since the final layer of your pool is composed of plaster, it is essential to tile over this in order to avoid scum stains in the plaster.

Think of your pool as a house, there is the frame, the insulation, the drywall, the primer, and the paint; it all corresponds to create one solid, protected unit. This is much like your pool, the tile has the ability to act as a barrier for the plaster, since plaster can easily be pitted and stained it is essential to protect it. By having tile over the plaster any buildup can merely be washed away.

Types of Pool Tiles

Ultimately, there are three different types of pool tiles available, the first and most popular is ceramic.

Ceramic pool tile is available in any color, it is very glossy, and provides excellent cushion for the swimmer. In addition, ceramic tiles can be chosen as patterns, such as checkered or zig-zags, this is another aspect of ceramic tiles that makes them so popular. Not to mention, ceramic pool tiles can easily be cleaned, any line that may build up around the pool from lotions and oils can easily be wiped right off of the tiles.

Next, there is the option of glass tiles, glass tiles can be tinted, clear or can even have designs on them.

glass-tile-pool   stainless steel tiles  revestimiento ceramica piscina

Last and least popular is the stainless steel tile, this tile is high maintenance considering that the stainless steel tiles must each be finished properly in order to avoid possible dimming.

Of course whatever medium you choose to tile your pool with is completely up to you, for most, it is a matter of choosing the tile type, design and color that they feel best suits the personality they wish for their outdoor get away to depict.

vaciar-piscinaThere are various problems that may occur with your tile, for example, you may experience tiles falling off. However, this may be due to the mud that is used to hold them in place failing. In some cases, a waterproof grout may be used to replace the tiles that have fallen off.

There may also be deposits present on your tile, this is known as efflorescence. Typically, this can be scraped or burned off with acid wash.

Finally, if your tile begins developing a line from scum you can use a pool cleaning brush and tile cleaner to simply scrub the line off.

Ultimately, the appearance of your pool tile depends on how clean you keep your pool, the less debris and waste present, the better condition your tile will remain in.

So, be it ceramic, glass, or stainless steel, pool tiles have been a beneficial fashion accessory for years, allowing the owner of the pool to personalize his or her own personal oasis. So, when lining you pool with fashion this summer, don’t forget to throw in a little style and customization into your tile.


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