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Indoor air pollution is a situation that’s been getting a lot of attention, and as a result so has the subject of duct cleaning.  Regular cleaning of a home or business’s air ducts can help control the quality of the indoor air and avoid many troublesome situations.

The importance of duct cleaning is becoming more well known, as more harmful consequences of dirty ducts are discovered.

What May Happen

When you neglect to have regular duct cleaning performed, all sorts of different things can end up in there.  These include layers and layers of dust, pet dander, dust mites and even mold spores.  If moisture is present, the likelihood of mold is even greater and the spores my be spread through the air each time the heat is turned on.  If you allow these allergens to accumulate in your air ducts, you’re essentially spreading them to every member of your household each time that system is turned on.

Scary Statistics


It’s well known that anyone with asthma, bad allergies or other respiratory issues will have a hard time in a home that has been skimping on the duct cleaning.  The American Lung Association states that poor air quality has been responsible for thousands of deaths,  and more are inevitable with an aging population if the problem isn’t addressed.

Saves Energy

When the air ducts are dirty, it means that your system has to work harder to keep your house comfortable.  This means that your energy expenditure is higher which means your energy bills are higher.  Regular duct cleaning will allow for optimum operation and minimal energy waste.

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How Often?

Usually, an annual cleaning is enough to make sure your ducts are free and clear of anything you don’t want in there.  You should also commit to an inspection to check for leaks, so you can be sure bad air isn’t getting into your house.  Make sure to call and have a technician come out if you suspect any problems before your year is up.

What You Can Do

Between air ducts cleanings, there are some things that you can do to help keep the ducts and the system cleaning and fully functional.  You can:

  • Switch to high efficiency filters
  • Change your air filters regularly, as soon as they become clogged.
  • Replace any missing filters immediately.
  • Try to keep dust to a minimum in other areas of the home. 

Caitlin Wilmington knows the harmful health effects unclean ducts can have on a person. That is why she always trusts the air duct cleaning equipment sold by Heat Seal Equipment. To learn more, visit their website.

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