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When the quality of your garden shed matters, forget the Internet specials and get serious by consulting with an all wood manufacturer of garden sheds and more. The UK is fortunate to have the craftsmen and woodworkers that have historically enhanced UK gardens with solid wood garden sheds and solid wood tool sheds.

When you think about your garden, you cannot overlook the importance of a sound, stable, weather resistant garden shed that fits quietly into its designated area.

For serious gardeners or for those who want to become serious gardeners, many landscape designs allow for a working gardening shed. UK solid wood garden sheds give a sense of permanence to the garden, just as they have done for centuries. Most gardeners find their shed attractive and functional where any number of products and tools can be stored and where there is still ample working space.


Your garden deserves the best and all wood garden sheds are the state of the art. All wood garden sheds have survived the test of time. Believe it or not, some of those online, pre-packaged aluminum sheds not only detract from your natural garden but they are flimsy and not as resistant to weather as hand manufactured solid wooden garden sheds.
Before choosing your garden shed, you owe it to yourself to identify your options. Find wood garden shed manufacturers, ask for references and visit the outlet to see exactly what these sheds offer.

Here is a list of features that the best all wood garden sheds provide:

  • garden shedQuality timber – The finest garden shed manufacturers use high quality timber. These sheds are constructed of sustainable, natural products not disposable metals that seem an oxymoron in a garden. The lumber of choice is called Tanalised, a pressure treated timber.
  • Durability – UK solid wood garden sheds are built to last. Carefully crafted by seasoned woodworkers, these all wood sheds can survive the sternest of weather challenges, just as they have done for centuries.
  • Delivery schedules to meet your needs – Perhaps it is the manufacturer’s commitment to the construction process or maybe it is their personal interest in seeing the shed properly sited, but you will find that solid wood sheds are delivered and installed on the day of your choice. Have your camera ready because you will want to show off your shed to everyone.
  • Models available – In addition to testimonials, buyers should always ask the sales staff to describe the manufacturing process and see samples.
  • Price competitive – Solid wood sheds last for years and years without any sign of aging. Considering the life of a wood shed compared to any other type, all wood garden sheds are a terrific buy.

For those who care about their garden, solid wood garden sheds are the only way to go.

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