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alarmas para el hogarHome security is an important part of protecting yourself and your possessions. Security screens and monitors can be effective home security systems. Good home security can take a lot of different forms and comes down to many different things, but reinforcing your windows is one important aspect.

Windows are common entry points for intruders and can be easily unlocked or simply broken to access your home.  Window security frames are easy to install fixtures that can be face fitted or recess fitted with a mounting frame to provide additional security to one of the home’s most vulnerable areas.

The main goal of security screens is to deter intruders and make it extremely difficult to penetrate a window. Most intruders want to get in and out of a house in a matter of minutes. Break in times should be quick and if the potential intruder is repeatedly denied entry by a security screen, they are not going to hang around and continue to try and get in.

How Security Screens Work

Essentially, security screens make use of tamper resistant screws that are inserted into a metal clamp, through a security mesh, and finally into the window frame.

This creates a strong tension that makes breaches very difficult. The security screen itself is designed to withstand much of the damage, but the frame reinforcement also works to provide additional resistance. Metal fittings driven into the frame to secure the security screen enables the window to withstand strong impacts and trauma without coming apart.

The importance in deterring intruders is the principal thing to remember about security screens. Thefts often occur as a result of opportunism–spotting a vulnerability and exploiting it to gain access. If you address the vulnerability of something like your home windows, you can deter intruders.

Security Monitors

To complement any effective home security system, you may want to consider cameras and security monitors. This can be an expensive and complex initiative, but if you have a problem with theft or vandalism or simply have a lot of valuables you want to protect, this system may make sense. Security monitors can be set up at a central point in your house and display the happenings of areas outside–around entry points such as windows. These systems can be short circuit systems that can be easily concealed. Cameras can be disguised and hidden or made obvious to act as a deterrent for intruders or vandals.


The downside to these systems is that they are only fully effective if someone is on the other end monitoring. This requires regular vigilance and may make you slightly paranoid every time you see a figure approaching your home. For the complete home security system, however, monitors are practically essential.

Personally monitoring your home and making sure it is known that your home is monitored are the best ways to prevent crime. You can’t be a prisoner in your home or be overly paranoid about intruders, so the only viable solution is to secure your home and project that security to deter intruders. Both security screens for windows and security monitors can accomplish this well.

The element of surprise and getting in and out without being detected are what intruders rely on to enter a home. When you make entry nearly impossible and make it clear that your home is monitored, it is less likely that a would-be intruder will bother targeting your home. The objective in any home security is defense through deterrence and ensuring your peace of mind comes down to mounting a proper system of deterrence.

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