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8116958465 50313c67cf My top tips for staying safe during roof repairWhen spring comes around not only should you be looking at cleaning your garage or shed out, you should also add roofing maintenance to your list of tasks. The weather isn’t as crazy in the spring which means less delays and more money in your pocket.

Installing and fixing roofs is extremely hazardous and can be extremely pricey. Most home owners attempt to avoid it. I stress that maintaining your roof is super important. And it would be best to plan your time wisely. Here’s why Spring is the best time to do it.

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The Sun

clip_image005Throughout spring there are no heat waves meaning the job is more than likely to be done faster with less damage to your new materials. Working under the blistering sun will take its toll on your builders and there are more than likely to be delays. What might take only a couple of days could stretch out into a few weeks or perhaps worse purely because the tar they use becomes sticky and unbearable to work with.

The rain

clip_image003Depending on your local weather, you may have a few spring showers to contend with however this shouldn’t have an effect on the replacement or repair of your roof. You should have weeklong showers or high winds to contend with.

It is very hazardous for roofers to work in the wind and rain unless of course they don’t mind plunging of a roof. Chances are they will mind though! While the weather isn’t stupidly warm or extremely wet it is ideal for you.


clip_image002You need to be prepared for winter. The problem with having a new roof is that it is a lot harder to find the errors or the damage on the roof and by then it can be far too late and be in the middle of a snow storm if you get the job done in autumn.

Getting the job done early provides you with time to test it out and see what the problems are in an environment where it’s easy to fix it.

So for your wallet’s sake, along with the safety concerns of the construction workers, spring into the year with a new or repaired roof and be guaranteed a dry and comfortable winter.

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