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While LED lights are not common place in the typical household, their unique advantages are sure to persuade many homeowners to switch over in the coming years.

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The average consumer is likely to be put off by the initial investment in LED lights because they can be considerably more expensive than your usual lighting solution.

However, once people come familiar with the benefits of LEDs then it’s impossible not to see a greater return on investment.

First of all, LED lights emit much less energy than regular light bulbs do – meaning they last for substantially longer than their cheaper counterparts. How much longer do they last? Well, in some instances, LEDs can last up to 50 times longer.

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LEDs are also believed to be much more versatile and effective than a mainstream halogen bulb. They come in a wide range of different colours which can suitably affect an ambience of a room, varying levels of brightness and are able to be fitted at a number of angles.


LEDs are also renowned for their straight forward installation. Make sure when replacing your standard light bulb with an LED alternative to turn off the light at the switch and remove the current bulb anti clockwise. To fit your LED light, push firmly into position and turn clockwise as far as possible.

The Advantages of LED Lights

fachada-iluminada-leds-rgb-1Once fitted, LED lights are not affected by continuous switching and can be turned off and on at no cost to the effectiveness of the lighting. While LED diodes are sensitive to heat, they also provide excellent functionality and can be used in areas of lower temperatures without a hindrance on output quality.

Furthermore, LEDs have the beneficiary of lighting immediately to full brightness – meaning there is no waiting for the bulb to warm up and gradually emit the maximum amount of light. This makes LEDs ideal for activities such as reading during the evening time when you need an instant lighting solution without the hassle of stopping until the light is at its brightest.

The customisable element of LEDs mean that they can many uses outside of the household – with one of the common uses of the lights used to glorify modified vehicles. However, the real advantage of investing in LEDs would be for the home where you will find your energy bills will be positively affected due to the switch in electrical equipment.

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Many homeowners may be dissuaded to invest in LEDs because of their price tag but the short and long-term perks to the switchover means that everyone should seriously consider going the extra mile to go LED.

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