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splashback for KitchenKitchen splashbacks have the practical purpose of catching spills and splatters from your cooker, but they also have a decorative function. They can add a dash of colour or texture to your plain kitchen walls and really change the look of your kitchen.

When you are designing your kitchen, it is important to take the time to choose the right kitchen splashback for you. The wrong splashback will look out of place but the right splashback will add just the right finishing touch to your kitchen and make it look beautiful.

Choosing Kitchen Splashbacks

When you are choosing your kitchen splashback, there are many questions that you should ask yourself in order to find the right one. Here are a few things to think about when choosing your kitchen splashback:

kitchen red_glass_splashbacks

What Sort of Material Do You Want?

There are so many different types of material which can be used in kitchen splashbacks and each one will create a slightly different effect. You will need to keep this in mind when you are choosing you splashbacks.

tile kitchen splashback

One of the more popular options is a tile splashback, which can look very attractive in your kitchen especially if you choose tiles in an attractive texture and pattern.

Another great look is the glass splashback, which is a very hygienic choice and is easy to keep clean. Glass splashbacks can also be created in many different colours.

Another option could be stainless steel, which looks great in a very modern and sleek kitchen. It is also very easy to keep clean, but it can show off smudges or watermarks. A mirrored surface is another popular choice, as this works well in small kitchens to make the room look bigger.

What Size Should It Be?


Before you go out shopping for your splashback, you need to know the dimensions that you will need. Every kitchen is different so you will need to measure the space behind your stove and cooking area to determine what size the splashback should be.

Make sure that the splashback completely fills the space, because if it is too small it will look out of place. Also, if you have a small space you might not be able to fit in your desired material, such as if you don’t have enough room to make the pattern you desire with the size of your tiles.

What Colour Should It Be?

Meadow Green

Deciding the colour is another important factor in choosing which splashback you want in your kitchen. Think about the overall design of your kitchen. Are you going for a minimalist modern look or a rustic country kitchen look?

Do you want something which is bold and colourful, or something which is subtle and blends seamlessly with the rest of the décor? Do you want the splashback to make a statement with a bright design, vibrant pattern or exciting hue?

There are kitchen splashbacks available in different colours from basic black to pearly white to bright pink, so you are sure to find something which suits the colour scheme of your kitchen.

What is Your Budget?

When you are thinking about the design of your kitchen, it can help to have a budget in mind. Otherwise, it is very easy to get swept away and fall in love with different splashbacks that you see in kitchen design stores and end up spending much more money than you intended.

Having a clear budget will help you to determine which type of material you should use, because some are more expensive than others. Once you have a price in mind, you will be able to start looking around for the best deal for your designed kitchen splashbacks.

Kitchen splashbacks

These are just a few things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing kitchen splashbacks. Take your time and shop around, because when you find the right one it will be the finishing touch which fits perfectly within your kitchen and makes your design look amazing.

These are just a few things to think about when you are choosing the right kitchen splashbacks for your home.

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