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filtro-de-agua-caseroWater, along with food and shelter, is one of our basic requirements, and the effects of drinking water which has not been adequately filtered and purified can be far-reaching. Drinking dirty or contaminated water can cause all sorts of illnesses and diseases and it is simply not worth the risk. So, how do you go about purifying the water in your home?

In this article we are going to tell you about some of the most common ways of purifying and filtering water in order to ensure that it is safe for you and your family to drink. If you suspect that the tap water on your house needs some extra purification then read on to find out how:

Boiling Water and Using Water Purification Tablets

The safest and easiest way to purify small amounts of water is to boil it. This will sterilize it and ensure that it is safe for human consumption. Of course, this is time-consuming and hard work but it is the best way of making sure your water is clean.

Make sure the water is on a rolling boil before you let it cool down and drink it. If you don’t have the time or inclination to boil your water before drinking it then another great idea is to use water purification tablets. These contain an agent which cleans the water and makes it safe for consumption. However, along with boiling the water this isn’t suitable for larger quantities of water.

Portable Water Filters

Portable water filters are a great way of filtering your water. Simply fill it up from the tap and let the water filter through the system. You can buy water filters in a variety of different sizes – but it’s a good idea to have at least one which fits in the fridge so that you can keep a regular supply at hand.

You’ll need to change the filter every now and again (depending on how much you use it) so make sure that you always keep a stock somewhere nearby. If you are going away you can simply take your water filter with you to ensure that you always have clean water to hand.

Well Water Filtration

If your house gets its water from a local well then you will need to think about purification more than most. Well water can easily get contaminated so it’s really important that you treat it before you use it.

Most people have point-of-use filters fitted to taps and shower heads and this is an inexpensive solution. However, if you want to make sure that every drop of water in the house is clean then you are better off with a whole house well water filtration system. This is a great long term solution and it is a good idea for anybody who is considering more than two point-of-use filters in their home.

It is essential that you make sure that the water you consume is clean and free of contamination. Don’t even think about drinking water if you are not sure that it is clean, even if it looks clean. The chances are that you will get ill.

The author of this post, Yorrick, is a freelance blogger who often writes for Rhodes Pump Service, well water systems in CT. He owns a fantastic toolkit and uses it to do restoration work in his spare time.

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