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4848514030 20eb2dbc9b Que es un Loft ?The loft is a multi-residence with space for both to live and work, which was previously a local trade, factory or warehouse and have been turned into housing. It is characterized by its large windows, columns that hold high ceilings and rustic floors.

The loft comes in the 70s in New York, with its epicenter in Soho, as an initiative of students and artists (sculptors, painters and photographers) seeking cheap space to live and work.

Motivated by the affordable rent, they moved to local warehouses andindustrial unemployed. This would allow them to integrate work and housing in one place, at lower cost and with the possibility of having large and illuminated spaces.

Later, the demand for these spaces added to new business: restaurants, shops, studying painting, photography studios and galleries, and soon the loft was moved to the domestic sphere, making warehouses and factories into disuse rather than large homes , spacious and comfortable.

The loft is a modern, cutting-edge , high-level, which was gradually by adapting to smaller areas and mixed with elements of other styles.

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The origin and essence of the lofts dictates the space recycling areas and industrial, for userooml. However with the passage of time have become a "style", where these elements are copiedbuildings and designed entirely new spaces like these industrial.

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