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5081421879 5d38925012 Create beautiful 3D Roofs Tiles in seconds in 3dsmaxAs coverings of homes and buildings, roofs are considered as some of the most vital parts of any structure. Apart from providing protection to its dwellers, roofs can also influence the over-all look of the establishment.

If you are thinking of constructing a new home or building, or perhaps renovating your existing one, then take your choice among these different types of roofs.


Sloping Roof

A sloping roof is a general description given to roofs with slight or complete tilting. Found in most homes, this roof prevents accumulation of water and debris because of its inclined design.

Flat Roof

Known as one of the oldest types available, flat roofs are considered simple yet elegant. Commonly found in tall buildings and warehouses, this type of roof has a shallow pitch that ranges from 1-2 degrees. Most buildings are given flat roofs because of its numerous advantages, such as easier and faster construction process,  and the fact that walls need not be parallel or perpendicular with one another.

Unfortunately, because of its lack of a slope, it fosters water and debris accumulation. Because of this con, flat roofs should be constructed in areas where rainfall is sparse.

Gable Roof

Known as the typical house roof, this is commonly seen in residences all over the country. This type is comprised of two rectangular roofs with slight tilting. The tilts meet at a certain point to create a single-style gable roof.

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is a variation of the gable roof, with one roof steeper than another. It is known for its Dutch design, and is seen on most barns. This style features vertical gable ends. The roof, on the other hand, is installed over the pretense of the structure.

Salt Roof

Truly a stylish design, the saltbox roof style was first conceptualized in the 20th century. This type is similar to a gable roof, because it features two roofs which intersect at a ridge line, therefore creating a triangle. The difference, however, is the sizes of the roof. One part is longer, while the other one is shorter. Because of this look, salt roof is good for homes as well as commercial structures.

Mansard Roof

This French style of roofing also looks like a gable roof, although it features four slopes. These slopes surround all corners of the structure. The lower slope is steeper and vertically affixed, while the upper slope is not visible to the naked eye.

Pyramid Roof

This contemporary style of roofing is very stylish. As the name suggests, it resembles the shape of the pyramid. This unique kind of roof is highly recommended for houses, huts and other small structures.

Hip Roof

This kind of roofing is same as the pyramid roof, although it contains four elevated slopes which are installed alongside one another. It differs from pyramid roofs since it does not have a single meeting point. The topmost part of the roof is flattened because the four corners are lodged with slopes.

Today’s guest post is submitted by Alex. He is an up interior decorator who has worked and partnered extensively with experts in construction, planning, landscaping, and roofing in Croydon. His ambition to excel in all areas of interior decorating drives him to be perfect at whatever he does.

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