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laminas solaresDue to a wide range of different circumstances windows are subjected to a considerable amount of risk with regard to damage being sustained.

UV rays can be extremely harmful to windows and problems also tend to come from such factors as carbon emissions. In order to protect against these kinds of problems and to also give an increased amount of security a high number of property owners choose to have window films added.

How do window films work?

Window films are akin to a layer of plastic film which is largely transparent in its appearance. There are a number of different styles to select from and these include ones with specific designs on, as well as those that have partial tints included.


The film contains UV stabilizers and it is placed onto the glass by using a mixture of soap and water. The solution is sprayed onto the glass and the sheet that was used as a backing is then taken away. The spray is then applied to the film itself.

Long-lasting effects

If you have gone through the necessary arrangements and procedure of having a window film applied then it is understandable that you want a product that is built to last and protect you over an extended period of time. The exact length of time a window film lasts for depends on how it is applied. If for example it is placed on the outside then the amount of different objects and substances it will be required to face will naturally have a significant impact on its longevity. It is thought that window films on the inside last for around 10-15 years, whereas those on the outside can only be expected to last for around half of this time.

High levels of protection

laminas proteccion solar

The home or building that your window is protecting will be given a higher level of security if a window film is applied. One of the reasons for this is the decreased amount of radiation that is allowed to affect the window. Direct sunlight is filtered and because of this it is certainly accurate to consider a window film as being like a layer of protection in the same way that we apply extra clothing in cold weather. In addition to the protection given over a number of years you can also have window films applied in your home or property for a reasonably inexpensive fee in comparison to other methods.

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