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vrayscatter imageVRayScatter is a plugin for 3dsmax that lets V-Ray generate huge amounts of objects in an array. Never before within 3ds Max could a user create scenes with millions of objects. With VRayScatter, the user is able to create huge forest areas or even a city with uncountable amount of buildings in two clicks. Quick render time generation of objects with optimized RAM management makes the process of scene creation as easy as 1-2-3.

With VrayScatter, let you with a few clicks easily create 3d forests or cities covered with loads of buildings to create 3d landscapes. Optimizing your RAM consumption to render your images despite billions of polygons. You can also use bitmaps or procedural textures to control the distribution and transformation of the proxy objects.

VrayScatter Integrate a special procedural map, VRayScatterTexture that allows a user to define random color for every object in the array for a pure realistic effect. VRayScatterTexture can also be used on any object in the scene.

Download from Here:


* Generation and scattering massive arrays of VRayProxy by surfaces
* Capability of creation huge amount of objects in array (hundreds of thousands and millions)
* Quick rendertime generation of objects with optimized RAM management
* Random transformations (scale, rotation) of objects in array
vrayscatter_4* Distribution of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps

* Scaling of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps
* Realtime viewport preview of objects placement
* Support of animated VRayProxy
* Different types of viewport preview of objects
* Special procedural map the VRayScatterTexture
* 64-bit support

*Warning!!!! VRayScatter needs working network adapter on computer

You can find good VrayScatter video tutorial here:

vrayscatter_2 vrayscatter_1

Create huge forests or cities with VRayProxies using VrayScatter

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