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The Light Fantastic

Whether you find yourself partial to natural lighting, artificial lighting or a mixture of the two when it comes time to spice up your home, there are a variety of neat ways to not only save energy but make your home look absolutely beautiful. It really doesn’t take much to completely change the current atmosphere.

Saving Money without Losing an Ounce of Style

Oftentimes, people seem to think that when it comes time to start pinching pennies, they have to go with options that are less appealing on the eyes, but this is definitely not the case. All you need are little changes in the way you shop and how you track down the items you desire.

Sometimes this may mean waiting longer periods of time to get those new sun shades or install that track lighting you’ve had your eyes on for some time. Or, this may mean installing that new ceiling fan yourself, instead of hiring a professional. These days, information is easier than ever to find. With the web at your fingertips, you can track down the best local home improvement stores, lighting information and get the most bang for your buck – all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Locating Exciting, New Room Accessories

While the first room accessories that come to mind when planning a miniature room renovation typically include: new pillow cases, wall decorations and paint, many people forget about lamp shades and bulb coverings. Simply updating these items can give a room a completely new feel. Instead of purchasing said items at full retail price, go to the nearest thrift and discounts stores or garage sales to get the job done. Who knows what other affordable treasures you may find along the way?

Dual-Purpose Lighting

Looking to tackle two projects at once? You’ve probably heard of accent walls, but have you ever heard of accent lamps? Accent lamps are lamps that are placed around a room (typically in the shape of a triangle) and are used to both highlight certain areas of a space and give a more comfortable visual experience when compared to overhead lighting. One lamp may be placed on your nightstand, while the second is near your television and the third, on a bookshelf. Depending on what type of look you’re going for, additional lamps can be added.

Use Less Energy; Get the Same Amount of Light


For those areas of your home that natural light doesn’t have easy access to, you need an option that is going to keep the area well-lit, without breaking your bank account. In this case, reaching for energy efficient bulbs is a great solution. These types of bulbs use far less energy and are known to be as bright, if not brighter than standard bulbs and last much longer. Not ready to invest in new bulbs just yet? Mirrors have a way of increasing the amount of light in a room with a bit of placement tweaking; they’re known for as much as tripling the amount of light present in any room.


Jamie Kirk is an interior designer and specializes in designing small conservatories. He has his work cut out when it comes to fulfilling the different demands of the customers. He brings in all his experience while working and is constantly devising new ways to make his work stand apart from the crowd. Besides his work he also likes blogging and is a regular feature on many blogging sites.

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