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modi cable tiesArranging for attractive Christmas lights need not necessarily be an expensive proposition. Cable ties can be used to spice up your Christmas decorations – without requiring you to spend much either. Here is how I and my wife went about using these zip ties to light up our Christmas last year.

Cable ties had never meant anything more to me than convenient tools to organize and declutter electrical wires. The idea that they could actually be used for home decoration purposes was first floated by my wife, two years back.

Far-fetched as it seemed, I decided to give the idea a try during Christmas last year. One of the prime reasons for trying out cable ties for decorative purposes was that, I was not looking forward to spending too much on the lightings. However, Angelique (that’s my wifey) ensured that we did not have to settle for a dull, bland Christmas either. If you wish to make your Christmas a true festival of lights – you would do well to follow Angelique’s suit, and use cable ties in the following ways:

  • Safety – First things first – cable ties are supposed to keep wires and cables organized, and this task becomes all the more important when you are arranging for elaborate Christmas lightings. My wife used cable ties of different colors on the wires, to keep them properly segregated. For easy identification of the cables, we also used wire markers.
  • Floral decorations – This was the point when Angelique’s creative ideas really started to kick in. Cute little electric bulbs were concealed at different points in a bunch of flowers, which was put in a designer glass vase. Can you guess what my wife used for binding together the stems of flowers, so that they did not move out of place? That’s right, cable ties! Try out this innovative piece of decoration at your home too. Make sure that you do not damage the flower nodes by binding the zip ties too tightly.


  • Lamp decorationsCable ties are available in different colors, and we used this fact to our advantage, to make the electric lamps in our home look more classy and attractive. With these colorful cable ties, the lamps in each of our rooms (we have as many as 11 lamps!) seemed to come alive with the Christmas spirit. Not all Christmas decorations are for showing off, right?
  • Preparation of decorative baskets – Did you know that elegant-looking baskets can be prepared with the help of cable ties? I certainly didn’t, until my better half showed me how! You need to be patient while weaving baskets from cable ties. If you plan to add them to your Christmas decorations, simply add a string of multi-colored bulbs to these baskets.
  • Use in circuit breakers – You certainly do not want a short circuit to happen, bang on the middle of the Christmas evening, do you? Use cable ties in the electrical circuit breakers at your home – just like we did! Avail of the services of a qualified electrical contractor for this purpose – we, at least, did not have the expertise to handle the circuit breakers on our own!
  • A starry name plate – Unconventional, but distinctly classy. We were expecting several guests for Christmas dinner, and decided to welcome them by decorating the name plate on our front door with cable ties. Angelique showed off her designer skills by writing both her and my names in a stylish manner on the plate. And yes, the guests did appreciate her effort!

The utility of cable ties is not merely confined to organizing electrical wires. You can use them in a wide range of innovative Christmas lightings. We did so last year, and are looking forward to weave some more ‘cable tie magic’ this year too!

Author’s Bio: John Smith is a renowned author. His online blog is dedicated to a variety of home and lifestyle topics. In this piece, he talks about the applicability of cable ties in different types of attractive Christmas lightings.

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