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building suppliesThe subjects of building and DIY are topics which can hold a deep fascination and interest for some but for others are a source of confusion. There are many people out there who would not know where to start if they had to initiate a much-needed building project in the home.

Need laminate flooring but can’t afford the high costs of a professional fitter? Don’t know what materials to buy? Need plastering done or does that garden wall look a little bit dilapidated (and, perhaps, a little unsafe?)Again, builders don’t come cheap but at least they have knowledge and know exactly what building supplies are needed and where to find them.

For a lay person the best first point of call is a DIY store that deals with all building aspects for the home and garden. Nowadays these are usually huge superstores that can be found in every retail park across the land. It is the norm now for all retail outlets to have high-tech websites offering a wealth of information on building products, what they are needed for and costs.

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A lot can be learned about on such sites and many building supply products can be bought online and also delivered especially if heavy or bulky. One such superstore with a website is McMahon’s Building Supplies which operate in Ireland. McMahons have been established for an incredible 182 years. It is an Irish owned company and has stores in all the major towns across the counties in both Northern Ireland and within the Republic. It is best to use advice from an established and trusted source.

What is immediately apparent when you begin to look at such sites is just the huge array of building products that are out there. Cement, concrete, timber etc  but within these categories are the amazing amount of subcategories. For example, if looking for wood for a laminate floor it is possible to buy plywood, hardwood, MDF- all of which have a dozen different types each. What needs to be ascertained is which is the best wood for what surface, how much can be spent, what tools are required and is the product suitable for the job.

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When professional builders buy their supplies they have to adhere to health and safety regulations. Some products have to be fire retardant so it is a good idea to think about the safety aspects of certain building products which often come into contact with chemicals such as glue or paint.

Again, all advice is freely given on DIY superstore websites and if in doubt staff at these places can help with specifications and measurements and don’t forget the special offers and end of line sales where bargains can be picked up. Don’t let the perceived enormity of a job put you off! All the information is out there!


Polly Newman is an electrical engineer who discovered various tricks to help her purchase cheap and safe  Building supplies, as she worked for a large Scottish building firm.



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