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Maintaining your marble tiles is easier than you think. The following tips outline some of the most common and effective methods.

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Marble tiles are derived from large marble rocks which are cut into smaller sizes. Geologists refer to marble as a metamorphic rock which is derived from often a thousand or more years of limestone metamorphosis and is why it also contains lots of calcium carbonate.

That said it would be a mistake to assume that marble tiles are as hard as regular or other stone tiles. This is why it’s one of those tiles which requires extra handling and cleaning, if this is not your thing than you would want something stronger like granite tiles.

That said marble is preferred for an array of reasons mainly being its longevity and beauty. With the right handling and care it is said that marble can easily last a few hundred years. But because it is a highly porous material it is sensitive to acids, juices and wine. It can etch and stain a lot easier as compared to various other types of stones.

Reducing porosity

In order to extend the life of your marble tile or countertop the best thing to do is to seal its porosity which makes it less sensitive. You can get this done professionally and is especially important for kitchen countertops. Usually professionals will use a sealer or paste which prevents grime and stains from being absorbed by the surface.

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In the case of tiles a light coat of wax will prevent liquid or water from penetrating. However, it is a known fact that white marble turns yellow when waxed. Also polished marble can easily be scratched when grit enters the home. So, you will want to use large mats at every entrance. Also mats will need to be vacuumed every week. The floor will also need to be mopped on a regular basis so that there is no grit on the surface.

Prevent stains on marble tiles

The best thing to do in order to prevent stains is to put a large plastic mat under metal and wood furniture. Also remove the rubber pads from under the rugs especially if they have sulfur in them since they are known to stain. Also as soon as something spills on the marble tile it should be cleaned up since acids in beverages and food can dissolve the top layer of calcium carbonate leaving a very ugly dark spot.

Refrain from using a broom

If you want to sweep a floor covered with marble tiles then using a broom is not a good idea. Instead use a dust mop. Just spray the mop with some antistatic spray which will allow it to attract and hold on to more dust. If you’re going to use a vacuum cleaner as suggested above then ensure that there aren’t any broken parts or those which seem to be worn out since they will scratch the surface. The tools you use should either be made of soft fiber or plastic since hard items will scratch the marble tile surface. If something gets spilt then wipe it off right away using warm water, then quickly dry it with a paper towel.

Commercial marble tile cleaners

If you want to use commercial cleaning products then you should use ones which are especially made to clean stone tiles and they also need to be sealers. These cleaners can usually be found at leading marble tile retailers. The cleaning method generally consist of first preparing the solution in a bucket of clean warm water. Then the cleaner is applied via a mop. Then remove the cleaner by simply squeezing the mop and later rinsing it with water.

Once all the solution has been rinsed out the floor should be mopped once again with clean warm water from another clean bucket and then with a dry cloth. Never use a nylon scrubbing pad. If a spot is particularly soiled then use a slightly stronger cleaning solution applied using a sponge this will penetrate the top coating of the marble and then you can rinse it with some clear water.

If you are unable to remove a soiled spot even after multiple tries then there is a good chance that the stain has penetrated deep into the marble. In cases like these Artmar which is one of the leading sellers of marble tiles in Australia suggests getting the surface professionally resurfaced.


Samantha has been in the marble tile business for over a decade. She has worked as both a resurfacing expert as well as sold marble tiles up until a few years back. Today she is considered one of the leading experts on marble products and surfaces in Australia. She often consults for leading contractor who have been assigned the task of laying down marble tiles.

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