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SOMBRILLAS DE JARDINWhen purchasing patio furniture, you need to give some thought to the setting in which it will live. Obviously the size of your outdoor space is important, but you should also consider its orientation to any view you might have on your property or balcony. Finally, exposure to sun, wind and moisture. You will also want to think about how often you use your patio or deck, and for what purpose. Are you just reading and relaxing, or dining and entertaining?

If you often invite friends and family for dinner, you will need a substantial dining set. But, if you see your patio as more of a quiet retreat, deep-seating sets and ottomans, or adjustable trays as an end table might be a better choice. This should not be so difficult to do because there are a lot to choose from.

You can choose really comfortable higher quality seating for your everyday personal use, and get less expensive chairs in matching colours or styles that can be easily stored. That way, you do not crowd your space with things you do not need all the time, but can have a nice cohesive look when you do entertain.


Another key consideration is the type of material your patio furniture is made of. Heavier materials like steel or rod iron are durable and beautiful, and can be moved fairly easily. However, they may be a better choice if you do not plan on changing your patio arrangement very often. But if you like to mix things up from time to time, or use your outdoor space for different activities and need that flexibility, you might want to choose lighter materials that are easier to move around like aluminium.


Now another great idea is having extra sets of cushions on hand. That way, you can easily and completely change the look of your patio sets by just swapping out those cushions. It also makes replacing worn-out cushions much easier and quicker.

If you have a larger outdoor area or you entertain a lot, a long rectangular table is ideal. A standard rectangular table for 6 people is 38 inches by 60 inches. A 42 inch diameter table seats 4 comfortably, and a 60 inch table seats 8. Take that into consideration when planning. You will want plenty of extra space for moving chairs in and out, and for people standing and walking around. Just make sure that your patio or deck can accommodate all that activity, as well as the patio furniture that you choose.


Now if your space is smaller, a compact bistro table is a really good choice. Or for flexibility, try 2 smaller end tables. You can push those together when you have a crowd, and use them separately for smaller or intimate gatherings.

Also, think about what type of surface will work best. Table tops may be tempered glass, metal, tile, or wood like Nick Scali furniture. You will be amazed how these things can add beauty to your patio. If you keep everything in order, the patio will always be a special place in your home.


Stacey Watts, the writer, loves decorating homes with the right furniture. She also plans and designs outdoor spaces with wooden furniture. When not blogging, she shops for home decors.

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