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With summertime now upon us, many home owners are in search of contractors and businesses that specialize in in-ground and above-ground pool construction. A perfect way to beat the summer heat, a swimming pool can add real long-term value to any property and be an alluring feature for many if and when said home is once again on the market.

As a result, more and more home owners have sought to obtain swimming pools as a way to hedge their homes against loss in property values. Technology has made it possible for pool construction companies to stay on the forefront of industry developments through a wide variety of mobile applications.

In the following article, we will discuss three applications that can come in handy for pool contractors and help create satisfied pool owners in the process.

Pool Manager

Construction companies need a comprehensive way to keep track of current jobs, invoices and customer data, so it only makes sense that mobile applications for this purpose would ultimately be developed. In the case of pool construction, apps like Pool Manager can be of great use and can help contractors store any and all relevant information about multiple jobs in one location.

This free application allows not only for user input, but also provides sections about the latest industry news and events, which can help pool companies stay on the forefront of new trends. Users will be able to track current schedules and see which jobs need to be completed when. Chemical calculators are also included that can help acclimating any new pool to the right specifications easy and fast.

8,200 Swimming Pool Designs Catalog

If you are in the business of pool construction, then you know how important it can be to have an array of design ideas at your disposal. Some customers will prefer a rectangular pool while others may wish for an ovular design – some pool companies even provide additional services such as furnishing, décor and lighting.

Whatever your company’s mission, the 8,200 Swimming Pool Designs Catalog is an excellent application that can be used to help customers find the perfect pool design for their needs. Whether it is a natural, grotto-style look or clean and simple functionality that is desired, there are hundreds of images available within the application to give inspiration and a framework to the customer and company alike. This app can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store for $0.99.


Pool Advisor

When any pool company installs a new pool, it is only common courtesy that the pool be configured, filled and treated properly before the job is done.

With the Pool Advisor app for Android devices, users can quickly calculate the precise amount of chemicals needed in order to safely treat the pool without overdoing it. Simply enter the pool size, parts of million of chlorine, calcium and other components and let the application tell you exactly what is needed.

Currently available for free, the Pool Advisor application makes an excellent ally for pool construction companies and can be downloaded via the Android Marketplace.

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These apps will help you design as well as guide you in the construction of your very own swimming pool.

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