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composite-fence-minneapolisIt doesn’t matter if your dream house is of Mediterranean-style or inspired from the Edwardian era, but most of us have always envisioned our future residence to have that iconic white picket fence.

While the classic fences may have been made of wood, there are a number of reasons why homeowners shy away from the use of wood around their house. It may be due to the risk of termites or for security purposes, but use of synthetic fences has currently been on the rise.

Need for Synthetic Fences

Generally, this type of fence is made with various plastics that range from vinyl to polyethylene. Environmentalists can also find fences that are made with recycled plastics. While such fences may also be used in residences, synthetic fences also have agricultural applications, as well as in horse racing.

The fences which are made specifically for residences are often hollow in the middle and appear very similar to sawn timber. While this type of synthetic fence is sturdy, it’s not sturdy enough for use in raising livestock. When it comes to containing livestock, the suitable synthetic fences are stronger and come in solid cast form. If you aren’t exactly looking for a livestock-worthy synthetic fence but still require your hollow-type residential fenceto be durable, then you may opt for top-of-the-line vinyl fences that come ribbed or with reinforcements.

Synthetic FencesAnother use for these fences, as already mentioned, is for racecourses because they are easily visible to horses and serve well in barring them from straying.

However, should the horses accidently break through them, synthetic fences aren’t that likely to significantly hurt them.


Another reason for why synthetic fences are more preferred by homeowners and contractors is because they come preformed and in a variety of styles. At the same time, these fences come in different colors so the time-consuming task of painting is eliminated. You may even find fences that are sold with lifetime warranties, assuring buyers that the fence color would never fade. You can cross off having to re-paint your fence by choosing synthetic ones.

Advantages of Synthetic Fences


Unlike the traditional fences, synthetic ones are known for being weather resistant and generally require close to no maintenance.  This type of fencing is very easy to clean so essentially, once you’ve installed your synthetic fence , you can afford to forget about it completely – no repainting or treating wood.


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