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Steel_DoorsLauded for its strength and durability, steel is the go-to material for windows and doors that need to withstand years of wear and harsh weather. Experts consistently recommend steel as the best material for protection against fires and intruders as well.

When it comes to stylish interior design, steel is increasingly becoming the best choice. Whether used to evoke an Old-World style or to make a bold, modern statement, the metallic alloy lends itself well to any decorative style.

An On-Trend Material with Durable Style

Steel windows and doors have long been favored by architects and decorators who rely on the material to give their creations a timeless look and atmosphere. Partly due to the material’s widespread use in kitchen appliances, steel is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners undertaking home renovations too. The material successfully combines the bold look of contemporary design with the warmth and elegance of historical styles. Steel doors and windows are particularly effective when used to accent today’s popular transitional décor, marrying modern and traditional designs with ease.

Steel Door Decorative Options

Steel doors are available in any style and configuration, including traditional swing doors, bi-fold doors and sliding glass doors. Steel entry doors feature energy-efficient magnetic weather-stripping and come in any number of decorative styles. The doors can be pre-treated with galvanized coatings or can be finished in polyurethane, powder or enamel paints. For a traditional look, models are available with embossed wood-grain patterns that make them virtually indistinguishable from their wooden counterparts. Whatever the intended style, steel enhances the look with sophisticated elegance inside and out.

The Finest In Fenestration

Steel windows are prized for their narrow sight lines, which provide unobstructed views while allowing the maximum amount of natural light to come streaming into interior spaces. Steel’s intrinsic strength allows for slimmer profiles than any other material.

Steel windows are available in any window decorative style, from historical casement windows to modern picture windows. They come in all conventional ventilation styles, including double-hung, out-swing and sash windows, as well as in fixed-in-place styles for out-of-reach windows in stairwells and in rooms with cathedral ceilings.

Eye-Catching Style Elements

Windows and doors are architectural elements that naturally attract the eye. They offer opportunities to create focal points that can define and reinforce the overall style of the space. Encasing these structural elements in steel helps make the most of their attention-grabbing qualities. Because steel can be finished with an array of coatings, paints and finishes, the material adapts to any decorative design. When installed with craftsmanship that rivals fine cabinetry, steel fenestration can easily become the centerpiece of a well-decorated interior.

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Easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient, steel doors and windows are long-lasting structures that adapt to every architectural style and application. The inherent strength of the material allows it to be fashioned into virtually any size and shape. Whether used to craft a casement window with pencil-thin muntins or to construct an entry door that mimics the look of wood, steel is a versatile material that has well-earned its reputation for sophisticated and elegant style.

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