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ICENCIAS-DE-CONSTRUCCIONObtaining a building permit is crucial for two main reasons. For one, it is the method of the government to preserve structure regulations for both residential and commercial structures within a community.

The next reason is for builders to use it as a means to understand, learn, and follow the building codes of a certain country, city, or state. A building permit provides the rules and regulations that must be followed by homebuilders, contractors, plumbers, and electrician to ensure that the structure is safe to occupy.

Building Permit: An Overview

Residential_Building_PermitA building permit is a document that contains useful information regarding the construction of both residential and commercial buildings.

Building codes are created and it must be imposed when constructing a property in a residential community. This will make sure that the house structure and design will follow the restrictions that are required by the individual communities.

This regulation is compulsory and it must be obeyed by everyone involved in the home building project. This permit was created and regulated by the municipal authority this basically means that your local officials will be the one regulating building codes and issuing building permits. If you are in need of a building permit for your house construction, you can get an application from your local Department of Public Works.

Different Types of Building Permits

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National building permits: This type of permit is enforced in countries, such as Canada, that operate as a federation and controlled by a central government.

Municipal building permits: This building permit is widely used in the U.S. They allow building codes to be regulated by the city.

Historic building permits: This type of permit is needed when you are trying to restore a property that is registered with the National Historic Registry. The historic building permit prohibits certain construction activities or painting jobs that are not appropriate for the year that the original house was constructed.

When Will You Need A Building Permit?

inspeccionesEvery area or community may have different rules and regulations when it comes to getting building permits. Generally, a building permit is needed when you are considering the construction of a detached building, such as a storage shed or a barn.

A building permit is also needed if you want to add a porch or a deck. Additionally, getting a building permit is also a necessity for most communities if a building is placed on a concrete portion or if it is created for running water. If you want to tear down or add supportive walls for your house, you will also need to get a building permit.

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