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To some people, flooring is the last thing on their mind when they are decorating a property. However, the material and shade that you choose can have an incredible effect on the overall look and feel of your room.

Carpets might look warm and cosy but the wrong shade or pattern can easily date the overall effect, while wooden flooring is easy to keep clean, but makes staying warm and cosy far more difficult.

If you are seeking a way to maintain the beauty of your home from the top of the ceiling to the floor, you need to invest in quality materials that meet your varied requirements.

Here are 10 of the best examples of floor ddcor to maintain the quality look and feel of your household.

1. Neutral block colour carpets

neutral block carpet

All the rage in home design at the moment, neutral carpets are the ideal solution for both patterned and plain walls.

The thing to bear in mind when you choose your shade is that very light and very dark plain carpets will show the dirt much more than a middle shade of floor covering.

So unless you are a fan of vacuuming, don’t be tempted by very light or very dark shades.

2. Deep pile cream carpets

deep pile cream carpet

A deep pile cream carpet is the epitome of luxury but this shade of floor covering is not for the faint hearted. Expensive cream carpets are a perfect match for pristine white walls, darker shades of paint and even boldly patterned feature wallpaper.

However unless you choose a stain-free variety, they should not be combined with households with children, lovers of red wine, or walk-through living rooms. This is the sort of carpet meant for the enjoyment of bare feet not muddy wellies.

3. Painted floors

painted floor

For centuries, people have painted patterns on floors, but today this is a technique that is rarely used. Depending on the statement you wish to make, you can choose to incorporate zigzags, chess board effects, stripes or other geometric patterns in the colour of your choice.

4. Dark wood

dark wood flooring

Real wood floorings are the perfect solution when it comes to longevity as these floors will be suitable for use for generations to come; especially if they are looked after properly. Dark wood is very popular with households as it provides a warming feel where paler woods can look cold, stark and bare.

5. Rugs

patterned rug

Rugs can be utilised in a number of different ways to create the flooring effect of your choice especially when you combine them with dark woods.

To warm up a room, choose a rug with autumnal tones; or to brighten up a room try vivid colours such as cerise or aquamarine.The beauty of a rug is that it can easily be changed with the theme or colour scheme of your home.

6. Mats

floor mat

Mats are generally used as protective coverings for the floor beneath, but if you have invested a lot of money into the flooring, you definitely don’t want a raggedy old mat to let down the first impressions of your room.

Therefore, choose quality mats such as hard floor chair mats, which tone in with the grains of specific woods to prevent your floor being damaged.

Alternatively, choose a colour that contrasts or tones in with the overall colour scheme of your room.

7. Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring

For a real rustic feel, choose reclaimed wooden parquet flooring. Traditionally associated with school halls, parquet flooring is durable and aesthetically pleasing and it can be arranged in a number of different patterns to great effect.

8. Tiles

Tiled Floor

Tiling is one of the most diverse ways in which you can decorate the floor of a room, simply because there is such a variety of choice available.

Natural-looking tiles provide a luxurious feel to any room, from the kitchen and bathroom to the conservatory, while darker slates help to conceal spillages and don’t stain easily.

If you decide on a natural stone, make sure it is regularly treated to maintain the quality look and feel of your space.

9. Striped carpets

Striped carpet

Stripes say a lot of things about a person they are a bold statement to make within a family home. However they can work extremely well, as long as they aren’t teamed with floral walls or garish patterns; instead, they combine beautifully with plain neutral paints.

If you don’t feel up to going the whole hog but like the idea of stripes, you could always consider a striped rug, which says "I’m confident" without being too overbearing.

10. Vinyls

Vinyl Flooring

If you are on a budget but need something waterproof and hard-wearing, try vinyl. Vinyl floors come in wood and tile effects, in a range of different colours and they are super-cheap to install. Plus, if you get tired of the same old pattern, you can easily refresh your floor covering for minimum cost.


This guest post was contributed by COBA Europe; UK suppliers of Anti-Fatigue Matting, Entrance Matting and Rubber Flooring.

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