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encimera de granitoLaminate kitchen worktops used to be the in thing, nowadays though more and more people are opting for the granite alternative.Granite worktopsobviously cost a lot more than laminate and they do the same job so why are people willing to pay so much more for the same thing?

One of the most basic reasons that people might pick granite over laminate is because it looks so much better. It’s a much higher quality material and is available in loads of different colours so it can really bring your kitchen to life. If you choose a granite worktop you can choose between colours such as blue, black, pink, grey and you can choose a finish too so it’s up to you if you want a stunning gloss or a classy matte.

Also, granite worktops aren’t mass produced; they are produced to order because no two pieces of granite are the same so you can be sure that if you choose granite worktops your kitchen will be completely unique.

The next huge advantage of granite worktops is the fact that they’re so durable. Unlike wooden and laminate worktops that can be damaged by heat and water as well as easily stained, granite isn’t affected by any of these so you can put a hot saucepan down wherever you want and you can be sure your worktop will be perfectly fine.

Because of its durability you can be sure that a having a granite worktop now will still look exactly the same in twenty years’ time. Not having to worry about scratches or blisters means that your worktop will always look brand new and the only reason you’ll ever need a new would be to try out a different colour.

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Granite is also low maintenance; all you need to think about is cleaning it when it’s dirty and adding a sealer every twelve months in order to keep it looking its best. As long as you do this then you can expect your worktop to look good as new for years.

Finally, although there’s no getting away from the fact that granite worktops are expensive to begin with they could actually save you money in the long run. If you choose a laminate or wood worktop then it will definitely have to be refinished every few years and it might even need to be completely replaced.

A granite worktop on the other hand won’t require these costly repairs and it certainly won’t need replacing so once you’ve bought them you can keep hold of your money and spend it on the good things in life rather than worktop repairs.

Kerry Goulding loved the idea of having granite worktops in her kitchen so she contacted for a quote.

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