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cuidados granitoIt is hard to imagine, but there are all kinds of different classification schemes when it comes to stone. Within the UKstone industry the leading firms make things easier for their clients by identifying the stone type and its origin on an individual basis, especially when they are being used to create horizontal surfaces.

From the customer point of view the main area of importance is the durability of the stone – there is no point in installing the product if it has a high chance of breaking or chipping due to the environment it is located in.  In terms of the kitchen setting, granite is the most commontype of stone used to create worktops as its main features are its strength and stain-resistance.

On the other hand, limestone and marble are frequently used for flooring as well as in the bathroom. Granite is a terms which is applied to igneous stonesthat are able to retain a polish and so this makes them ideal for the kitchen environment and all that goes with it.

And as they come in all manner of colours and grain patterns, their aesthetic appeal should not be dismissed either. Due to the low porosity combined with a high strength, the structure of granite makes it the ideal stone choicefor a wide variety of applications. Going back to marble, this stone, like granite, is a popular option for the kitchen, while it is also great as afloor and wall covering too.

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Marble tiles, in particular, are a natural product that can be used in interior and exterior settings. For those after the right kind of stone for the renovation work in their homes, it is worth finding out more about the various types of stone available and the benefits of each.

This can help you to make the best decision for each individual room. It is also advisable to do your research into the latest trends and check out pictures of successful projects completed, so you can then get a better idea of how the stone worktop or tiling would look in your kitchen or bathroom setting. There are certainly plenty of styles to choose from, so whatever contemporary or classic mood you are trying to create in your home, you can get the granite, marble or limestone effect to match.

Once you know the type of product you want, you can obtain further guidance from your local specialists, in addition to your online research to get more of an idea of price. Paul Driver is a kitchen fitter who regularly gets to install granite worktops and other natural stoneproducts through the nature of his work.   

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