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A steel building can be a good investment because they are strong, durable and easy to maintain. It is important to properly maintain your steel building to ensure its longevity. Perform routine checks and make small repairs immediately. Here are a few tips for steel building maintenance.


There are a few steps to take before constructing your steel building to increase the life of the building. Building kits will usually arrive in many pieces. You will probably need additional equipment and extra labor to safely unload and construct the building.

When the building kit arrives, check that all pieces are included and are in good shape. Check the pieces with the included list. Examine each piece for cracks or errors. Faulty pieces should be replaced immediately to avoid fees and wait time.

Check all equipment and tools. When not in use, properly store any tools and extra materials. Protect your building from moisture during construction by covering any open areas with plastic.


Good insulation is vital for maintaining proper room temperature and lowering your energy costs after construction. Inspect your insulation before and during construction. Wet, torn or damaged insulation can drive your energy costs up and cause more repair work in the future.


After construction

It is vital to perform routine checks of the entire building and make repairs if needed. Make a plan to check your steel building twice a year. Record inspections and repairs, take photos and file them with any warranty information.

Make repairs immediately. Small scratches and holes can become a bigger problem if left unattended. Water and air can seep into small openings and weaken your building. Fill in all holes and repair scratches with matching paint.

Protect your investment


Protect your building from moisture by installing gutters and a proper drainage system that moves water safely away from the building’s foundation. Heavy moisture can cause rust and shifting of the foundation. Check your roof for leaks and make repairs as needed.

You should also wash your entire building at least once a year. Use a power washer and soap to remove dirt, mildew and bird droppings. Household cleaning products, such as ammonia, can be added to the water to aid in cleaning. For mildew and fungus, you may want to add some bleach into the washer.

Research your local, state and federal laws before beginning any maintenance or renovation project on your steel building. Visit the OSHA website for more information or search your local government’s website. Make sure you are familiar with all building codes before you begin any projects on your steel building.

Jim has worked ten years at a steel manufacturing company. He often writes articles on erecting and maintaining steel buildings.

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