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The Split air conditioner is a type of air which is divided into two separate modules: the compressor which is installed outside the house, and the evaporator which is installed inside the house. These two devices are interconnected with a tube through which an air currents move throwing cold air cools the room.

Besides being the most demanded in the market, the split air conditioner is more economical to install and maintain.

The split type air conditioners allow good control of temperature in summer, fully programmable, while dehumidifiers can act if necessary. They are remarkably quiet, at least the inner module, and new models consume less and less electricity.

aire-acondicionado split

A variant found  in this equipmentin is  the  Multisplit air conditioners , which basically is an air conditioner in which the external module feeds several internal modules. An interesting option for conditioning large spaces. It should be noted that the external module will be much larger in this case.

If there is no way to install a fixed split air-conditioner, we can use a portable model that requires no work. In any case we will still need access to the outside and its power will be very limited.

Tips to install a Split Air Conditioner:

-It should keep clean the filters equipment, because apart from increasing the power consumption, a dirty filter will worsen the air quality in the room.


Power consumption is an important factor, using the same power, different models on the market may reach 50% in diference.

-You should avoid the direct sunlight to the outdoor unit, where possible should be installed in the shade.

-The distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit should not be too large because we will lose effectiveness .

-If that unit is situated on a balcony or terrace, one must bear in mind that the unit produce hot air in summer and can be very annoying if you have chairs in front terrace. Similarly it will not sit well with plants that are in the path of the air jet.

Some of the split air conditioning manufacturers are: General Electric, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi,Samsung, etc..

Split Air Conditioner Advantages :AIRE ACONDICIONADO

  • easy installation
  • easy maintenance
  • quiet operation
  • heating
  • profitable
  • simple control
  • Attractive and efficient design.

Easy installation for your contractor means less mess or disruption to your home or downtime for your business. The split air conditioning are easy to maintain. Filters are washable and require only periodic cleaning. The outdoor units are designed for easy access to the contractor when necessary routine maintenance.



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