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laminas solaresThe solar control films for home window tinting are sheets of auto adhesive plastic, usually made of a polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating,   which are fixed on the inside of the windows glass, and have the quality to avoid a large percentage of the sun’s rays, heat and ultraviolet ray entering the inside of the house. These films are invisible and can be place them by ourselves, but it is advisable to be done by a professional to obtain excellent results.

In modern architecture the glass is becoming more important as a constructive element. This has as a result a high heating of spaces. Many homeowners and renters can benefit from lower heating and cooling bills by installing solar window film.

They blocks ultraviolet rays, and helps regulate heat loss and gain year-round. Unlike older, mirrored window film, new choices range from nearly invisible to colorful.

The solar window film prevent between 55% of the heat emitted by the sun to come inside of the houses, and thus  letting the air conditioning to work less forced, allowing  in this way savings on our electric bill. On the other hand, these films also act as a barrier during the winter, avoiding that 20% of the heat produced by heating systems escape to the outside of the home.

laminas solares para ventanas

Solar window tinting will make possible to enjoy new hot days since it protects incidents by sunlight glare and also provides a drop in temperature in heated rooms. Especially noticeable is the insulating protection in attics, buildings with large windows and surfaces and, for example, in your winter garden.

The film may be placed on almost any type of glass surface without  being necessary to disassemble the glass.


Due to the fact that window film reduces the risk of skin cancer, melanoma, headaches, eye strain and fatigue caused by the sun’s harmful rays, it is recommended by the Worldwide Health Organisations and the American Cancer Society.

Heat reduction window films are either metalized or dyed (which may be transparent to visible light) to convert incoming solar radiation to infrared radiation, that is then rejected back through the glass to the exterior. Modern window film technology has produced ceramic window film which are non-metallic and don’t contain dyes that can lead to discoloration. The dyed and metallic film generally cost 10-15 percent much more than normal film but can decrease energy loss by as much as 30-50 percent.

Solar Windows Films prices:

We can buy solar window film in home improvement stores and online. They comes in small rolls that can cover one or two windows. The cost of regular solar control film is in the range of $4.75 to $6.75 per square foot installed by professionals, while in the range of $7.00 to $15.00 per square foot for higher quality film such as ceramic series or XIR..  This is relatively low when you consider the cost of other window treatments that block ultraviolet rays.



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