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BathroomSelecting the Best Bathroom Tiles – Nothing Better than Stone! The use of stone in modern bathrooms has been a popular choice over the years.

Natural materials are a global trend for floor cover and stone is particularly selected by discerning customers. Stone, be it marble, granite, limestone or sandstone, has timeless appeal, elegance, durability and brings one closer to nature.

It can endow space with a natural yet refined and classy look. No other material can come even close.

Using stone in your bathroom

*Stone when used in your bathroom will prove its versatility

*Marble is ideal for bathroom flooring *Marble goes well with countertops

*A combination of marble and mosaic will help make the space appear large and also give it a personalized touch

*Granite is harder and also scratch resistant and so should be employed for more functional areas

*Sandstone is a low maintenance and durable material suitable for flooring

*Smooth limestone walls and countertops bring out the warmth of natural textures

*Shower enclosures and walls made of stones will make the bathroom look more spartan.

Avo - Bathroom

Stone and rock design tiles

In actual fact, selecting the best tiles for your bathroom will involve choosing stone look tiles because of the great popularity of the element. Stone and rock design tiles come in earthy color variations. They can be eye-catching when they are partnered with the right interior setting and décor items. If you are planning to use these tiles for walls, go in for lighter colored designs with the occasional flourish of darker design pattern to achieve a casual natural effect.

Color trends for tiles

Bathroom floor with back wall - overviewAs bathrooms are generally smaller rooms, tiles should sport cool shades like blue or green, thereby helping to create an illusionary effect of room space looking bigger. It is better to follow a monochromatic color scheme for tiles based on a single shade. The lighter and darker hues of the base shade are used. Such a scheme evokes emotions like harmony and peace.

Tiles with two opposite shades feature in the contrast scheme. Their arrangement provides an enigmatic cool and warm feeling. In the triadic scheme, three different shades like blue, yellow and green take centre stage. Their arrangement gives out lively and energetic vibes. They depict youth and a fresh bloom.

Specific areas tile pattern design

*The strip of mosaic tiling on the wall behind the basin and above the vanity case is bordered by patterned tiles for a holistic design .

*The wall behind the bathtub can exhibit diamond or square shaped tiles and if the tub is on a platform, an identical tiling pattern can be used for the platform .

Steve Bennett Builders: Interior photo - custom tile work in private bathroom

*When solid tile hues form a pattern on the wall behind the bathtub and on the tub platform, create a contrast of light and shadow by having the lighter shaded tub against the backdrop of darker tiles

*Certain utility areas which could be turned into focal points could have a more striking or bold tile color scheme to set them apart such as the shower enclosure

*Alternating plain and patterned tiles highlight a compelling design on two walls opposite each other but the other two walls are plain.

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