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pisos de viniloWhen it comes to flooring there are two types that seem to have held sway or are sworn by, vinyl flooring and carpet flooring. What makes them so ideal is that they match most home owner’s requirements.

For instance, when you go for flooring materials, it is natural to opt for things that have a wide range of selection and at the same time, meet your budget as well as offer durability. That’s why when replacing old floors, if you take on either vinyl or carpeting, you won’t have to worry about it going out of fashion.

Vinyl or linoleum?

Linoleum has the tag of being made by natural materials while vinyl is synthetic and thus, many feel that the former being biodegradable is much better.

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However, vinyl is the more durable of the two. Besides, it is easier to maintain and more water resistant. Moreover, selection can be done from a whole range of types. Strong reasons why most people tend to stick to vinyl.

Types of vinyl flooring

· When to opt for vinyl tiles

Pisos vinilo

If there are imperfections on your kitchen surface, they will show through and so, it’s not recommended to use such tiling then as you don’t want lumps. Plywood needs to be thoroughly sanded and any nail holes should be covered up. If your old flooring is in okay to good condition, don’t bother to go through the task of pulling it up. Instead cover it up with tiles after adding embossing. Also, first have a floor underlayment over old tiles and make sure all screw holes are well covered.

· When vinyl sheeting is best

4622901564 b9ce557c63 Las losetas de Vinilo, resistencia y flexibilidad para tus pisos.If you want easier installation and affordability, sheeting is the way to go. It is also a more watertight option than tiles. Cushioned vinyl is stylish and has a texture to it, so it won’t crimp the beauty of your walls or décor.

Besides, it doesn’t need waxing. Mildew and mould are common in areas like a kitchen, but this flooring has higher water resistance and so is perfect for humid or wet areas. Another significant advantage is that you won’t have to bother about mites.

To carpet or not

New flooring in the kitchenWall to wall carpeting is the most sought after type of flooring as far as this type goes. As colour and style is not an issue, one thing that might pose a problem is high variability of price. You may have to scout around a lot to find something likeable and that fits your price bracket. Patterned carpets are making a comeback and can add some style if kitchen walls are plain.

For high stain resistance, polypropylene works well except for oil stains. Wool carpets on the other hand are more durable but tend to hang on to moisture and stains. These are also more costly and need a special woolen carpet cleaner. Nylon is a universal favorite as it is both durable and resistant to water related problems. It is reasonable as far as pricing goes and the stainmaster type is more resistant to staining.

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