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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator – The cheapest elevators in market with quick and easy installation

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An pneumatic elevator, also called pneumatic elevator is a kind of glass tube  with a cabin inside that moves up or down to the a desired floor level without showing visible means of propulsion. It moves up and down using the force of suction.

The pneumatic lifts usually fit only one or two people and can be installed more quickly and inexpensively than regular elevators because they don’t require a shaft or a control room to house hydraulic machinery.   They are elevators for easy installation, “which in many cases do not require civil works”, and can be installed in two, three and four stops.

This type of elevator, which began to develop about ten years ago, is rapidly gaining market in single-family houses. The installation of this elevator only occupies one square meter of space and does not require pit or machine room. The devices are easy to install and can be taken when moving home.  It uses a small amount of normal voltage electricity to the rise and does not use electricity for the descent.

For all these reasons, vacuum elevators are a preferable solution when intended to install an elevator  to facilitate accessibility with an added touch of style and distinction.  This elevator, which contributes to the elimination of architectural barriers, is self-supporting and may rest directly on any existing floor, according to its manofacturers.

How Vacuum Elevators Works

When the piston gear depressurizes the area inside the cylinder above the vacuum elevator cab, the cab is then lifted by higher atmospheric pressure below the cab.

Pneumatic elevator

The inside of the vacuum elevator cab always remains at the atmospheric pressure. As air pressure is lowered above the cab, the cab is lifted.

A valve regulating inflow of air in the upper part of the shaft controls the pneumatic depression and enables descent. When the valve lets in air (at atmospheric pressure) into the low pressure chamber, the vacuum elevator cab will safely lower to the desired level. This valve also controls the speed of the cab.

Basic requirements for installation of the Pneumatic Elevators

  • Minimum height of 2.35 meters per fllor level.
  • Minimum height of 2.70 m at the last floor level if you opt for the standard model or minimum height of 2.45 if opts for the model in split.
  • Opening of 99 cm in diameter between floor levels, unless no need for drilling, as for example if the elevator rises to a terrace or a second floor loft style .

elevador vacuum elevator 2

Average Costs of Pneumatic Elevator

The price of a basic two-story or three-story pneumatic version version will cost $20,000 to $28,000, including installation.   Standard or old-fashioned variety can be considerably more expensive running from $15,000 to $100,000.


vacuum elevator 8Some of the most established and reliable home vacuum elevator companies include:

Daytona Elevator:  a full service elevator company that has been doing  business for over 20 years

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC,  they are the designer and manufacturer of the air driven residential home elevator.

Awalifts: Since 1996 All-Ways Accessible has been serving residential and commercial clients throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.

Others are http://store.allinonemobility-shop.com/pnvael.html  –  http://www.indianaresidentialelevator.com/http://www.icocelevator.com/pneumatic-vacuum-elevators


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