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The first thing a person would notice upon entering the perimeter of a house is its aesthetic value. Does it have a distinct modern sophistication?

Is it charming in a classical, vintage way? Or does it exude a timeless, minimalist elegance? The way the decorative elements would captivate your guests, after all, is the initial impact.

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Sep 112014


If you don’t have to struggle with the choice between a hot tub and a swimming pool then things are looking pretty good for you but for the majority of people being able to have one would be a luxury. Choosing between a hot tub and a swimming pool though can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got the advantage of being able to recall experiences in both.

A lot of people think that a hot tub and swimming poolare very similar and that one’s just smaller than the other, this isn’t the case though, they are actually both very different.


pool is a lot bigger than a hot tub which in some respects is a huge advantage but in others it’s a definite disadvantage. The fact that a pool is large means that it’s great for exercise, fun and games for all the family and it’s a great venue for parties. However, its size means that you’re giving up more of your land – which is you have a lot isn’t a problem – and it’s likely to cost more too.

If you choose to invest in a swimming pool then the whole family is guaranteed to be able to use it at the same time, you can purchase waterslides, inflatables and diving boards and there’ll still be enough room for a relaxing swim.


In a hot tub on the other hand there’s probably only enough room for five or six people comfortably, which is fine if there won’t be many people using it and you want to minimise the garden space that you’ll be losing but as opposed to a pool, a hot tub is purely for relaxation. The intention is to sit in it on a freezing night in the middle of winter with a glass of your favourite wine and relax whereas if you choose to have a pool built then you can relax, have fun, throw a party or do exercise as and when you want to.

Piscinas desmontable elevadas 2

The cost is another thing to think about when you’re considering whether or not a pool or a hot tub is the right choice for you. Although the maintenance costs of the two are very much the same the initial costs can differ massively.

If you choose to have a pool built then you’re looking at anything from around £20,000 upwards whereas hot tubs can cost anything from around £3,000 up to around £20,000 depending on the size and functions.
The choice between the two should definitely depend on how you’ll use it but if you’re looking for somewhere you can relax, entertain and have fun with the family then a swimming pool is definitely the choice for you.

Gemma Lyons has quite a large garden but had struggled to decide between a hot tub for the adults and a swimming pool for the whole family until she contacted and saw how a swimming pool could improve her entire garden.

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Sep 112014

Buying a shower unit can be a big, and expensive, decision. Replacing or changing to a shower unit is a common requirement – many homes are replacing the traditional bath, which can be expensive to run, and changing to a shower unit.

In addition, many houses are installing a second shower – be it as an en suite or as part of a mud room. As a result, the availability shower units, and the variety of styles, are greater than ever. Many will consider a fibreglass shower unit is the sensible option – but this is not always the case, and there are a number of options worth considering.

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5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

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Designing your perfect kitchen sometimes takes just a flash of inspiration; an object, a piece of furniture or a colour can give you the ideas and before you know it, the room has taken shape.

A Statement Piece

If you have a wonderful log burner in your kitchen, you could design a beautiful cosy family kitchen around just one piece of equipment. Take the log burner and arrange everything else around it -you’ll be in good company as celebrities love to boast about how great their wood burning stoves look. Lily Allen and celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall love theirs. Check out magazines for ways to accessorise and match your fashionable centre piece in style, and make sure you factor in enough ventilation when you plan your room – a wood burner needs to be well ventilated to work properly.

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alarmas para el hogarThere are many benefits of availing the services of the Locksmith in London. The first and major benefit is that it ensures safety and security of the place where it is used or deployed. There has been astronomical rise in the number of theft incidents taking place all over the world.

Thus the locksmith service becomes vital in order to ensure that the givenapartment is free from the problem of theft and trespassing. There are different types of locksmith services present like locksmith services for automobiles and locksmith services for home locks.

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pool for exercise
Endless Pools are a product designed for exercise in the water that is more convenient that having a large swimming pool built in your garden or inside your home. It is small enough to fit in your home or office.The Endless Pool allows you to adjust the flow and allows you to swim or exercise in the same place. The current is broad and deep,and is suitable for all types of swimming skills and physical needs. It also lets you set the temperature precisely, based on preferencesand needs.

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If you are looking for an idea to build your house in a spectacular way, we leave here with a wonderful display of photos of luxury homes , with a good concept of using space and a very original and innovative.

The homes and luxury homes, and investment, provide valuable returns that tend to grow with each passing day. The luxury homes, from luxury villas, luxury apartments with all the services available meet the aspirations of many buyers, both financial perspective lifestyle.

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Wooden floors would be your first choice when you wish to give your home a luxurious look. Here we have listed a few tips and suggestions that will help you give your home a royal looking wooden floor.

maple wooden  floors

There are several distinctive textures for residential wooden floors. Some of these floorings actually look rich and vibrant. It can actually make your home appear lustrous and bright. Here we have listed a few of the wooden floors that carry a posh look.

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elevadores neumaticosVacuum Elevators.   Are going to install an elevator in your home or Office?  Forget about the concrete box, cables, pulleys or pistons. Today we can move people to  upper floors  in pneumatic elevators such as we saw in the old films of science fiction, where people were transported in one cristal capsule, without the aid of wires. This extraordinary technology has made the future becomes reality.

Vacuum elevators are also known as pneumatic elevators.  These consist in the combination of a cylindrical stack with smooth inner surface and a coaxial cab to the vent that moves inside. The vertical cylindrical duct is a self supporting structure, light and resistant polycarbonate.

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digital shower 1

Redecorating the bathroom? You might want to think about fitting a digital shower. With one touch controls, programming and easy installation, a digital shower can be a great choice for a new bathroom. If you want to know more about digital showers, then keep reading for the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the devices.

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