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tuberia-pvc-flexibleIn the world of PVC not all pipes are created equal. There are different thicknesses, colors, and a wide range of sizes. In addition to all that, there is a relatively new type of pipe on the PVC scene – flexible PVC. Flex pipe (sometimes called hose or tubing) has a similar chemical makeup to rigid PVC, but it has added plasticizers that allow it to bend more easily.

Flexible PVC has gained popularity in some markets for its pliable properties, while some insist rigid PVC is superior. Which is best for your application? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each.

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Sep 112014

persiana enrollable en telaRoller blinds offer the perfect combination of style and function, and they come in a wide array of fabrics to suit any decor.

These simple, yet elegant window coverings are perfect for blocking out unwanted sunlight, and keeping your living space looking great. Retractable roller shades are simple, effective, and stylish enough for any room in the house.

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crystal_palaceGlass was discovered, apparently by accident, nearly 4000 years ago and has since evolved into one of our most used and most revered materials. It was only 2000 years ago that the fabrication of glass progressed to being able to create sheets strong enough to be used as windows and architectural features.

Today glass is used in everything from revolving doors to skywalks and interior partitions and is one of our most striking architectural materials with a fascinating history.


The Starts of Glass in Architecture

gothics windows

When glass was first used in architecture and construction, the limitations of masonry and weaker building materials implied that its prominence was restricted to small windows. With developments in construction, this began to change and by the Medieval Era glass started to be used as more of a decorative feature than simply a way to let light in. The trend for tall, stone Gothic churches facilitated the use of elaborate glass windows made up from fragments of coloured glass and depicting striking biblical scenes. These windows related the stories of the bible to an illiterate populace and spurned the architectural trend of searching for transparency, luminosity and weightlessness through glass.

Crystal_Palace 2

The Next Big Step in Glass

It wasn’t until the 19th century that glass in architecture took its next important step forward. Before this time, the manufacturing process itself restricted the use of glass to only small sheets, which is illustrated in the prominent use of cottage pane glass and intricately divided windows in 18th century architecture.

The introduction of iron and other materials during this time meant that glass could take on a whole new role in architecture. Thanks to the materials now existing to hold it in place, coupled with the new ability to mass produce large sheets, the possibilities for the use of glass in construction became nearly limitless. Architects began to experiment with things like conservatories and entire walls of glass that were held together by high trussed steel arches and finger fixings. The Crystal Palace constructed in 1851 represents the most ambitious glass architectural projects of its time – a construction made up of 300 000 sheets of glass.


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In countries across the world, thieves break into homes and steal possessions from the homeowners. In fact, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007. All Some do this when the residents are gone, but others do it when the residents are there, endangering their safety.

According to the United States Bureau of Justice, there are four main types of burglaries:

– Attempted forcible entry is when someone tries to break into a home but fails.

– Forcible entry is when someone successfully breaks into your home – usually by breaking through a window or a door.

– Unlawful entry without force is anytime someone enters a home they have no legal right to be in.

Completed burglary includes any unauthorized entrance into a residence, with or without force.

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bombilla-led-mr-16-45led-ultrabrillantesReplacing your traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs by LED lights is a good alternative, because it guarantees reduce lighting consumption by between 50% and 90%.

The LED Lights (Lighting Emitted Diode) are carry a higher initial investment than traditional solutions, however the electricity savings it generates , pays the difference in investment in times of less than one year, while the lifetime of the LED exceeds five years.

LED bulbs are best known for lighting up the numbers on a digital clock or timer or digital temperature gauge in the microwave or oven. They can also be used for lighting environments.

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lamparas 3d modelos3d lighting Models. Here you have a beautiful colecction to download of 3d lighting for 3dsmax.


This pack includes 100 models for 3D max, ready to works with them and rendering in Vray. All this 2d models hace good quality.

100 3d lamp models in max format  | V-Ray & Scanline | 155 Mb

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divisiones en yesoDrywall system is a constructive method of plaster (gypsum) or fiber-cement boards, attached to a lightweight wooden or galvanized steel reticular structure in which in the manufacturing process and finish is not used water, therefore the name of Drywall or wall dry.

The Drywall construction system in dry  is a technology used around the world for the construction of walls, ceilings and enclosures, in all types of commercial, hospitality, educational, recreational, industrial architecture and housing projects, both single-family and multi-family.

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The Light Fantastic

Whether you find yourself partial to natural lighting, artificial lighting or a mixture of the two when it comes time to spice up your home, there are a variety of neat ways to not only save energy but make your home look absolutely beautiful. It really doesn’t take much to completely change the current atmosphere.

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Sep 112014

robots aspiradoras automaticasWouldn’t it be incredible if there were a robot vacuum cleaner that could keep the floors in the whole house spotless? Wouldn’t it be great to not ever have to sweep again because a remarkable machine did it all? No, it is not a dream, it is a reality. There are several and they are the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

First off, iRobot is a corporation that distributes a line of unique, self-reliant robotic floor cleaners named Roombas.

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How To Secure Your Home

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Home is where the heart is; it’s where we raise our families and spend some of the best moments of our lives. It’s only natural to want to protect such a special place and the people in it.

With new security systems appearing on the market everyday it can be difficult to know how best to secure your home. Herewith then a number of useful home security tips:

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