Oct 272012

rool up shuttersHurricane Shutters.  For getting a comfortable and safe building to the inclemencies of the weather, without losing aesthetic, there are various protection solutions. The roll up shutters or roller blinds are the most aesthetic designed for Hurricane Protection and solar glare.

They are made of aluminum, in slats of 44 or 55 mm. Are permanently mounted in a box on the window. These shutters can be automatic or manual and remote control. Hurricane shutters remain the most economical solution for most homeowners to protect window openings in a storm, although hurricane-proof glass is increasingly popular.

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Oct 212012

Wrought-Iron-Patio-Furniture2Numerous people stay away from picking out wrought iron furniture for their homes and instead choose them for their gardens or the patio. However, should you be looking for a dining table and chairs that is guaranteed sturdy and solid and has a multitude of design and colors to choose from, then you must look at wrought iron.

This post will tackle information about wrought iron tables and chairs and how you can now use them for your home interior today.

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Oct 182012

Louis Comfort Tiffany began making his Tiffany style lamps near the turn of the twentieth century. From there, his lamps have been celebrated for their artistry and craftsmanship, with no two Tiffany lamps being alike.

This means that a real Tiffany lamp comes with a high price tag, anywhere between $10,000 and $2 million. Some sham merchants, however, often try to pass off fake Tiffany lamps for real ones. With several tell-tale tips at your disposal, you can be sure that you’re not ripped off and can tell a real Tiffany lamp and a fake one.

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Oct 162012

piscina mantenimientoFor decades, chlorine has been the gold standard for keeping swimming pools clean. It’s done its job well. There’s no debate about chlorine’s effectiveness in killing germs and keeping algae away.

However, there have always been some nagging side-effects to the use of harsh chemical chlorine typically added to pools, and even some serious health concerns. In recent years, pool companies report that salt water pools to have experienced a rapid rise in popularity, particularly in residential installations.

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Oct 032012

cubierta piscina

All who have pools in their yards can only enjoy it in hot weather. Leaving them unused until next bathing season. If we want to extend the swimming season in our pool, the ideal solution for this problem is to have a pool enclosure, that allows  to keep the heat in the pool and not be exposed to cold temperature. 

Swimming pool enclosures are structures that allow you to protect the pool from the inclemencies of the weather and dirt that normally settles on the pools.

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Sep 292012

Having lighting in our swimming pool will allow us to enjoy long baths during those warm summer nights.  A swimming pool can be build in the middle of a beautiful garden, surrounded by shrubs and colorful flowers, perhaps a modern form and its water always impeccable, but one thing is certain: If the pool lighting is poor or has none, it will never be in all its splendor on nights that could have if one is adequately illuminated.

iluminacion piscinas

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Sep 252012

wind_driven_roof_ventilatorWind driven roof ventilation system is a mechanical ventilation system that operates using wind extractors, which, as the name suggests, are powered by the wind outside and the differential effects of external and internal temperatures under  the edification’s roof.

Wind turbine vent are widely used in industries,houses and buildings. Is one of the best solutions for a non-electric alternative to ventilation.

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Sep 072012

Autodesk Announces Autodesk Revit LT

revit lt 2013

Autodesk, the leader company in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, has  announced Autodesk Revit LT software, a new addition to its family of Revit software products.

Tihs software is designed for architects, designers and building industry professionals using 2D workflows who are looking to transition to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process,  

Revit LT is a simplified 3D building information modeling (BIM) solution.  It delivers a focused 3D application to help users create higher-quality and more accurate designs and documentation. Now you can easily Make the Move to BIM with Autodesk Revit LT.

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Ago 182012

What is a cantilevered or floating staircase?


Floating staircases are a popular design  stair  in which the treads are fixed to a wall without visible stringers. This makes the treads appear to float , hence the name. At their most basic, you will have nothing more than staircase treads – literally coming out of the wall. With a typically floating staircase, you attach the treads to a wall which is done by driving the treads into it, or using a bracket to give the staircase treads support .

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Ago 072012

piscina-iluminacion-1Create a unique lighting experience in your pool or spa with the Floating Pool Lights .

Enhance your pool, giving it that extra touch for a festive feel. The Floating  Lights give a soft glow to the water.  Floating Pool Lights are ideal for creating soft ambient light in outdoor areas such as pools, terraces, ponds or between the nooks and crannies of the garden.

The floating pool lights can be used not only in the pool but also in ponds, lakes, gardens and terraces.They generate different effects according to the chosen hue and color of the water in your pool.

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