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Hydraulic lifts are practical only in low-rise buildings due to the need for a tube that penetrates the soil to a depth equal to the height of the building. But, instead, are very safe, because they can not fall.

A When deciding what type of hydraulic lift installed on a new project, be clear about the advantages of different options we have, is indispensable for achieving an optimized investment.



Advantages of using hydraulic lifts compared to traction elevators:

Hydraulic lifts provide much security. In case of any fault in the driving group, or broken pipes, a valve at the entrance of the cylinder, regulates the output of oil to the cabin down gently.

A battery is enough to feed an emergency descent system.  Because hydraulic elevators descend by gravity engine stopped, by simply opening a low-power solenoid enclosures passenger can be prevented due to faulty power supply.


  • As the whole system works in oil bath, wear is minimal, and its superior performance to that of electric elevators in more than 10%.
  • The passage space utilization is optimized, because the hydraulic elevators do not carry balances.
  • The lifting load is transmitted directly to the foundations of the building, without overloading the structure.
  • The hydraulic elevators do not need on top of the building is no facility for the engine room, which along with promoter group may be at any level of the building, not necessarily immediate passage.

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blocks-of-health-and-accessoriesDownload free  from Arquigrafico Bathroom / Restroom Fixtures visiting our gallery. All blocks are free.

Download block of toilets and urinals to AutoCAD format. DWG ready to include in your drawing. The views are on plan and elevations.

Blocks of furniture for bathrooms. Toilets (WC), bidets, urinals. Continue reading »

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elevadores neumaticosVacuum Elevators.   Are going to install an elevator in your home or Office?  Forget about the concrete box, cables, pulleys or pistons. Today we can move people to  upper floors  in pneumatic elevators such as we saw in the old films of science fiction, where people were transported in one cristal capsule, without the aid of wires. This extraordinary technology has made the future becomes reality.

Vacuum elevators are also known as pneumatic elevators.  These consist in the combination of a cylindrical stack with smooth inner surface and a coaxial cab to the vent that moves inside. The vertical cylindrical duct is a self supporting structure, light and resistant polycarbonate.

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Outdoor Kitchens: The Design Is In The Details

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Sep 112014

foto de cocina al aire libre 2There is no mystery that summer is known for being the ultimate grilling season.  Accompanied with fresh veggies, ball park franks, the smell of fresh cut grass, and lightening bugs, who wouldn’t want to grill outside for every meal?

Nowadays a standalone grill is not sufficient, grilling has become all about having an outside kitchen. We have all seen those amazing outdoor kitchens, but what is it that makes them so special?  Many people say the kitchen is all about the appliances, others say its all about the finishing touches.

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roller shutter garage doorsIn Britain, electronic garage doors couldn’t have come too soon. Gone are the days when you have to get out of the car in the pouring rain just to open the garage door. All of this inconvenience has been eliminated due to the introduction of remote controlled garage doors.

Automation has become a part of everyday life and some things are made to be automatic for pure laziness, some contraptions however, do have a legitimate purpose that aren’t intended to induce such laziness and remote controlled garage doors are one of them.

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Adding decking to any garden adds a fresh new look helping it to appear more tidy and modern than before. It can be also be added to both new and older homes as a way to extend the garden or to provide an all weather proof area. In the summer months you will most probably enjoy your decking the most, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the warm wood underneath your feet. Decking is also perfect for special occasions like birthday’s and parties when you need a bit more room as extra people are round to join the celebrations.

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cubierta piscina

All who have pools in their yards can only enjoy it in hot weather. Leaving them unused until next bathing season. If we want to extend the swimming season in our pool, the ideal solution for this problem is to have a pool enclosure, that allows  to keep the heat in the pool and not be exposed to cold temperature. 

Swimming pool enclosures are structures that allow you to protect the pool from the inclemencies of the weather and dirt that normally settles on the pools.

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Buying a shower unit can be a big, and expensive, decision. Replacing or changing to a shower unit is a common requirement – many homes are replacing the traditional bath, which can be expensive to run, and changing to a shower unit.

In addition, many houses are installing a second shower – be it as an en suite or as part of a mud room. As a result, the availability shower units, and the variety of styles, are greater than ever. Many will consider a fibreglass shower unit is the sensible option – but this is not always the case, and there are a number of options worth considering.

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Photobucket imageFor people looking for the best interior design schools around the world, here is a list of five of the best of the best in terms of education, environment, facilities, faculties, and professional preparation.

Interior design schools can not beat the schools listed below.

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Power Inverters: It Pays To Be Prepared!

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Sep 112014

Planning ahead for a possible power outage is simply proactive and wise.  Hurricane Sandy of 2012 and tornadoes that ripped through Missouri in 2011 and Oklahoma in 2013 are only a few, vivid reminders of how any of us are vulnerable to storms of one kind or another that can result in lost electricity needed for things such as computers, cell phones, lighting, cooling, warmth, refrigeration and even medical equipment. Continue reading »

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