Power Inverters: It Pays To Be Prepared!

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Sep 112014

Planning ahead for a possible power outage is simply proactive and wise.  Hurricane Sandy of 2012 and tornadoes that ripped through Missouri in 2011 and Oklahoma in 2013 are only a few, vivid reminders of how any of us are vulnerable to storms of one kind or another that can result in lost electricity needed for things such as computers, cell phones, lighting, cooling, warmth, refrigeration and even medical equipment. Continue reading »

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Composite Wood Blinds: Ideal Alternative For Solid Hardwood Blinds

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Sep 112014

traditional-window-blindsSolid hardwood blinds are among the best window treatments for home. They are visually pleasing, suiting a wide variety of décor, not to mention they provide sufficient privacy and light control.

One problem with hardwood blinds, however, is that they tend to warp, especially if they are placed in areas with hot or humid temperatures. They can also be quite laborious to maintain as they sometimes require repainting and they are more expensive compared to other blind options.

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The Best Shower Enclosures For Those With Mobility Difficulties

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Sep 112014

CAINAS DUCHA DISCAPACITADOIf you find you’re having trouble moving about, you might be thinking there are a lot less activities you can do. Nowadays, this doesn’t necessarily need to be true. Technology is constantly finding ways to accommodate people with mobility difficulties. One area where this is definitely the case is showers.

Shower enclosures provide the necessary features for a quality shower, while addressing some of the issues you may have with moving around.

The best shower enclosures will have the following features.

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Sep 112014

powerhog-hucha-energiaWhen was the last time you took a look at your energy bills? I don’t mean just having a quick glance when you open the envelope, but instead an actual look where you tried to figure out why you were spending so much, because there is no doubt you are paying far more than you need to.

If you want to waste money there is not much anyone can do to stop you, but I’m guessing you don’t know you’re paying too much. Some people just pay anything that comes through the mail without thinking and that is OK.

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Popular Flooring Styles For 2013/2014

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Sep 112014

Instalacion de pisos laminados

Choosing the right flooring for a home based on trend can have its thrills, as a floor often outlines the distinct theme and style of a specific room. However sometimes to you have to also consider what could be popular in the years to come. Here we take a look at some types of flooring that seem to be flourishing at this moment in time whilst also keeping an eye on what could become a big hit in years to come.

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The Modern, Elegant Look Of Steel Windows And Doors

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Sep 112014

Steel_DoorsLauded for its strength and durability, steel is the go-to material for windows and doors that need to withstand years of wear and harsh weather. Experts consistently recommend steel as the best material for protection against fires and intruders as well.

When it comes to stylish interior design, steel is increasingly becoming the best choice. Whether used to evoke an Old-World style or to make a bold, modern statement, the metallic alloy lends itself well to any decorative style. Continue reading »

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Sep 112014

Airport-Building-Design8The roof of a building is there simply to keep the weather out and the heat in. Roofs have developed a long way since the thatched variety, so much so that they can now be countless shapes and sizes to create a truly iconic building.

Many of the most striking rooftops used to be on top of churches and cathedrals, with the dome of St Pauls Cathedral in London or St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City two such examples.

Nowadays, skylines of towns and cities are mixed with all sorts of different shaped roofs, a far cry from the street after street of terraced house rooftops in the industrial revolution days.

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Sep 112014

robots aspiradoras automaticasWouldn’t it be incredible if there were a robot vacuum cleaner that could keep the floors in the whole house spotless? Wouldn’t it be great to not ever have to sweep again because a remarkable machine did it all? No, it is not a dream, it is a reality. There are several and they are the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

First off, iRobot is a corporation that distributes a line of unique, self-reliant robotic floor cleaners named Roombas.

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Sep 112014

pool deck surfacingIf you own a pool, or any other water-based play area, you know how important it is to be safe. Safety should always be the number one priority, and you can count on these surfaces to provide the right protective measures for you and your family. If your pool deck area has not been upgraded recently, consider some safe and affordable surfacing options that will look great for years to come.

These surfaces will not get too hotunderneath that scorching summer sun, and you won’t ever have to worry again about someone slipping and falling.

AquaMax surfacing is the finest all-around poured-in-place product available for water-play areas and pool decks. Get yours today!

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Sep 112014

lumion render 3dLumion is a program of real-time visualization in 3D for architects, planners and urban designers. Lumion offers excellent graphics in combination with a workflow fast and efficient, saving time, effort and money. In fact, it is very easy to create stunning renderings or representations with video and still Lumion it almost feels like cheating.

This software is used by hundreds of professionals in construction and interior design in the world.

Lumion offers up any 3D scene with a full 3D GPU-based interface and real-time editing. It offer the creation of landscape, the setting of light, sun, sky, clouds and water.

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