Home Security: Offline And Online

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Sep 112014

door lock

In the world of high tech thieves, a typical homeowner has to step up their game or end up falling victim to some pretty elaborate schemes. Thieves are using social networking to not only find out if you are away from home, but also details of your life to help them create instant rapport with you so you are easily fooled. Some things can’t be fooled, however, like a good home security system. When trying to determine how to make your home safe, take into account both high tech online solutions and offline old-fashioned smarts.

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Sep 112014

escalera con diseno minimalsita

A good option for those who are building or remodeling their house and want to give a touch of distinction,modernity and elegance to it, is adding minimalist staircase .

Nowaday the stairs have  become part of the world of design. Stairs leading-edge models stand out for the simplicity and the use of non-conventional materials for its construction. We can find really dazzling options for any environment. How simple is becoming stronger in the modern stairs construction.

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Sep 112014

Just as many facets of construction have improved over the years, plumbing has also improved through the use of new materials for piping and drainage. The invention of plastics in the early 20th century has made it possible to create new parts in countless ways. Plastics have reduced production costs and increased the lifespan of construction materials such as piping and conduit.

Many older homes have metal pipes installed for their plumbing. While you might think that metal would outlast plastic from a durability standpoint, this is not the case when it comes to running water and the effects it has on materials.

Metal Piping

There are three main types of metal piping that are used for plumbing:

Galvanized steel, copper, and cast iron. These are no longer used in new construction and have been replaced by several different types of plastics which I will discuss later in this article. Metal piping has many advantages, although we have shifted away from using them for cost as well as other reasons.

Metal piping and conduit can withstand large temperature changes, high stress loads, and high pressure at their joints. For these reasons, metal pipes that were installed hundreds of years ago still are functioning in water fountains and various monuments to this day.

Cast Iron

Cast iron was used for vertical drains in homes and businesses prior to the 1960’s, and actually dates back to the 5th Century BC! It can be difficult to work with because of its weight, but is great for high-pressure water flow. Cast iron is also great for its ability to reduce noise. The density of the molecules in cast iron help to dampen the noise of water flow.

For large systems with heavy water flows, the noise could be quite noticeable if it were flowing through a PVC pipe versus cast iron. Not to mention, I would feel much safer using a strong cast metal for high-pressure plumbing situations instead of plastic PVC. That being said, the cost would be four times greater.

Galvanized Steel

Probably the least attractive for its inherent properties, galvanized steel metal was used for home plumbing prior to the 1960’s when it was replaced by copper. Steel is relatively inexpensive to make, and is the cheaper of the metals used for plumbing. Though low-cost, steel is not a good choice in this application. Steel pipes will build up sediment over time, and eventually fully resist water from flowing through it. If you still have this type of plumbing in your home, you should probably call a company like A1 Plumbing Service to have your home re-piped.


Copper pipe is commonly used for water supply lines because of its resistance to corrosion. While copper is a better option than cast iron or steel, it is even more costly. Copper piping can come in a rigid or flexible form. In addition to its attractive property of being highly malleable, copper can also withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and cracking. It has been popularly used in the plumbing industry for some time, just for these qualities. As the price of copper continues to increase, and the theft of copper becomes more prevalent, it will be even more expensive to use in plumbing.


cpvc tuberias

These two acronyms are different plastic pipes that are now widely used for plumbing taking a foothold in the early 1990’s. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is used for water supply lines to the home.

It is used for high-pressure plumbing prior to the water needing to be heated, as it will warp if used for hot water. PVC can be easily cut and shaped for very specific implementations, and is extremely inexpensive. A stack of schedule 40 PVC could cost around $60 while a stack of cast iron could be around $170.

tubo polietileno reticuladoPEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. This is the material that is being used most extensively today. This plastic is resistant to temperature changes and is now being used for interior plumbing in homes. Having all of the pros of plastic piping, PEX also has some of the characteristics that would make metal piping a more desirable choice.

Plastic piping has taken over as the go-to material for plumbing in the last two decades. As safer and more durable plastics are created, it makes more sense to use them. They are very inexpensive to manufacture and much easier to work with. Plastic can easily be sized and cut on the job site, is much lighter making it easier to work with and cheaper to ship. The plumbing industry has had significant advancements over the past century and we are still creating revolutionary new forms of plastics for plumbing.

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Sep 112014

porcelanatoPorcelain floor is one of the most expensive and most fragile types of floors that can be installed at your home. Even though its appearance can be highly elegant when recently installed, if proper care isn’t given to the porcelain tiles, it can eventually crack, stain or break.

Fortunately, the maintenance for porcelain floors is not that difficult you just have to follow some basic guidelines for taking care of the floor for its entire lifespan.

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Sep 112014

Whether you’re after design advice, information and inspiration for your home, or just want to indulge in some carefree house-ogling (hey, we’re not here to judge), there are plenty of websites dedicated to the noble pursuits of architecture and home design. So many, in fact, that the challenge lies not so much in finding these websites as knowing which to entrust your precious time and efforts in.


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Sep 112014

Decksafe_antislip_decking_inserts_1The popularity of decking as an exterior surface around your home and other buildings is growing year by year. The look of a timber surface provides a natural charm that appeals to a lot of us, providing a sustainable option in the light of ever increasing environmental awareness. 

But there is one big problem with timber decking…when it becomes wet it can get lethal. Believe me I know!

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Sep 112014

Roof-Repair-BasicsAll roofs need to be built at a high quality because all roofs are exposed to rain, the scorching sun, high winds and extreme hail storms. So to prevent the roof from becoming damaged and helping it last longer it is essential to inspect the building.

I would recommend that you examine the roof regularly so you can notice any change that happens and prevent it.

There are a few steps that need to be followed to be guaranteed a longer life for your roof.

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Sep 112014

MAINTENANCE OF WOODEN FLOORThere has been a surge in the use of wooden flooring in homes across the UK over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Wooden flooring has innumerable benefits over other types of floor coverings and it simply looks great in any room where it is fitted.

However, if you have a wooden floor fitted there are a few precautions you might want to take so the floor looks great for years to come.

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Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

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Sep 112014

consejos-para-una-cocina-pequenaThe kitchen is a particularly difficult place to utilize space because ingredients and appliances must be available and within arms’ reach. However, some simple changes can be made to better organize and utilize all of the space within the kitchen.

Matching seating in the kitchen to the wall colors can make a room appear larger. Rather than having a fridge that juts out or has gaps on its sides, build your refrigerator into the cabinets. Or buy a fridge that fits the dimensions of the space. When the fridge juts out, even slightly, the room appears to lose a large amount of space.

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Why Choose Sash Windows For Your Home?

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Sep 112014

Peerless Windows Sash WindowIf you’re considering replacing the windows in your home then why not opt for an elegant sash?

The classic design of sash windows has totally stood the test of time and unlike other styles, sash windows are as popular today as they ever were. Read on to find out more about why sash windows could be the ideal choice for your home.

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