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Tackling The Problem of Expensive And Inconvenient Lighting

Solar-Lights-for-Your-GardenThere are several different ways to light a home, and each has it’s downsides which are extremely disadvantageous for poor people. Electricity is not always available in some areas, so it isn’t an option for constant lighting for people living in those areas.

Gas lamps, kerosene lamps, and any other type of lamp requiring some form of fuel cost users lots of money in the long run through the frequent purchase of fuels, so they are not very advantageous too. But with solar lighting, things start to look brighter.

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Sep 112014

splashback for KitchenKitchen splashbacks have the practical purpose of catching spills and splatters from your cooker, but they also have a decorative function. They can add a dash of colour or texture to your plain kitchen walls and really change the look of your kitchen.

When you are designing your kitchen, it is important to take the time to choose the right kitchen splashback for you. The wrong splashback will look out of place but the right splashback will add just the right finishing touch to your kitchen and make it look beautiful. Continue reading »

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blocks-of-health-and-accessoriesDownload free  from Arquigrafico Bathroom / Restroom Fixtures visiting our gallery. All blocks are free.

Download block of toilets and urinals to AutoCAD format. DWG ready to include in your drawing. The views are on plan and elevations.

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Sep 112014

AUTOCAD PLOTEvery AutoCAD drawing can use one type of plot style table. When you create a new drawing the plot style table is also defined. The type of plot style depends on the template file that you use or the settings of Options dialog box.


Converting the current drawing from named to color-dependent plot style:

  1. Invoke CONVERTPSTYLES command. A dialog box appears


Click OK. Done!

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Sep 112014


Different individuals have different tastes, and for some people, a dream kitchen would be cutting-edge. They’d be looking for sleek stainless steel countertops, low-profile fittings, and moody, minimal lighting. for others, though, the kitchen is the heart of the home – a place for the family to gather together to eat.

you enjoy spending time cooking or spend more than a little time doing it each day, it’s natural to demand a modicum of comfort from your kitchen. It is for this reason that traditional, cosy kitchen styles remain popular no matter where you live. If you want to create such a style, you’ll have to think carefully about what you fill your kitchen with. Read on for a few top tips.

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Sep 112014

avandalucia1GAlso known as tension structures, tensile structures are architectural forms created from tensioned membranes that provide designers and end users a variety of aesthetic free-form canopy designs. The tensile structure is a construction system based on lightweight structures, basically used as hedges.

These structures achieve great stability combining and balancing the strength of rigid items (posts, arches, etc.) with the versatility and adaptability of flexible elements (banners and cables).

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The Split air conditioner is a type of air which is divided into two separate modules: the compressor which is installed outside the house, and the evaporator which is installed inside the house. These two devices are interconnected with a tube through which an air currents move throwing cold air cools the room.

Besides being the most demanded in the market, the split air conditioner is more economical to install and maintain.

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Sep 112014

Automated Lighting Control

Most people are attracted to home automation after learning what automated lighting control can do for them. Once they have the technology in their home, they are usually hooked. Automated lighting includes the remote control of lights, using timer switches to control lights, and setting custom lighting and schedules for light levels.


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Top 5 Rated Heat Pumps

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Sep 112014

A high-quality heat pump can help to improve the comfort of your home throughout the year. Researching the top-rated heat pumps can help you to decide which brand is best for your needs and budget.

A heat pump and an air conditioner work in very similar ways. A heat pump works by pulling heat from the air and then reversing it to cool your home.

One of the best advantages of installing a heat pump instead of a standard AC is that you don’t need to install separate units in order to heat and cool your home. Continue reading »

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The role of the kitchen in the family household has changed a lot in recent years and it is now a lot more than just somewhere where the food preparation takes places. The dining table now tends to reside in the kitchen which has helped it to become a hub of family activity. The children can now sit in the same room as their parents while dinner is being prepared and the making and eating of food have developed into much more family inclusive experiences.

So now that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house you may want to ensure that it shows off your personality and that it is the stylish centre of the home that it deserves to be. So whether you are creating your new kitchen from scratch or looking at just remodelling your existing one; here are some great ways to add style in abundance.

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