Three Great Apps For Pool Construction

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Sep 112014


With summertime now upon us, many home owners are in search of contractors and businesses that specialize in in-ground and above-ground pool construction. A perfect way to beat the summer heat, a swimming pool can add real long-term value to any property and be an alluring feature for many if and when said home is once again on the market.

As a result, more and more home owners have sought to obtain swimming pools as a way to hedge their homes against loss in property values. Technology has made it possible for pool construction companies to stay on the forefront of industry developments through a wide variety of mobile applications.

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Sep 112014

energy-houseIn world terms, the UK is a cold country. The winters may be mild relative to other countries at the same latitude, but it is still a place where central heating is a lot more important than air conditioning.

Heating a house of course requires a lot of energy. Fortunately, improved technology means that there are now ways to achieve a comfortable living temperature in a more environmentally friendly way. Two relevant terms here are ‘insulation’ and ‘insolation’.

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Sep 112014

outdoor-window-shuttersIf you own a home with somewhat of a drab exterior, one simple solution to your spice up the entire look of your home is with exterior shutters.  Exterior shutters add dimension and additional color to your seemingly lifeless home.

Easy to Build

The best part about exterior shutters is how easy they can be to build; depending upon your skill level and the style you are after.  One trip to the hardware store and a few hours spent over a weekend could vastly improve the look of your home. 

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Sep 062014

pool for exercise
Endless Pools are a product designed for exercise in the water that is more convenient that having a large swimming pool built in your garden or inside your home. It is small enough to fit in your home or office.The Endless Pool allows you to adjust the flow and allows you to swim or exercise in the same place. The current is broad and deep,and is suitable for all types of swimming skills and physical needs. It also lets you set the temperature precisely, based on preferencesand needs.

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Sep 052014

LOSAS HOLOW COREHollow core slabs are precast prestressed concrete components typically used as structural floor or roof deck systems in single or multi-story buildings. In order to reduce weight and provide a more efficient product, the planks are cast with continuous voids that run the length of the panel. Prestressing the slabs creates an exceptionally strong structural component that can be used to span areas up to 45 feet in length.
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Sep 022014

climatizacion-de-piscinasImagine coming home from work to your home and dive into your pool no matter how cold outdoors.  The pool heating using heaters can extend the swimming season and enjoy the pool for a few months, if the pool does not have a structure that meets or why not, throughout the year if we are fortunate to have an indoor pool or having some kind of cover.
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Ago 312014

generador de piedra 3dStone Placement Tools 1.0  is a MAXScript for 3dsmax that allows you to create procedual meshes on the fly. With Stone Placement Tools you can create 3D stone walls, paving stone  and irregular patterns of stone walls and floors.

This script creates walls of stone, paving stone patio and stone irregular patterns for different applications.

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Ago 282014

Logo autoCADHere i show you two Express Tools commands that are very useful in some situations. The Overkill command and the Flatten command .    The Overkill  command allows you to erase any duplicated line. Let’s say that you have a line that is supposed to be a single one, but because you mirrored the drawing or whatever you did it happens to be a bunch of lines one on top of the other.

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