Sep 112014

serenitypoolfsmauiIn many hotels and architectural magazines we often see visually pleasing pictures of pools that seem to be quite indefinite in size. These are called infinity or overflow pools. In these pools the water level is the same as superior part of the pool’s terrace, which means that there is no difference of levels between the perimeter surrounding the pool and the water.

In this kind of perimeter or in a specific designed side of the perimeter a canal forms where the overflow water drains, in which a large mirror seems to come out of the pool’s surface.

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4 Benefits Of Using An LED Light System

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Sep 112014

Here, I’ve listed some reasons and benefits of using LED systems and why you should be considering it for your premises.

5450543465 cfea651128 Why every homeowner should be considering a switch to LED lightsYou may have noticed that more and more flashlights have started to incorporate LED into their design, and that the same is true of car headlights. In fact, lighting systems of all types are now starting to use LEDs, and there are many reasons that they are becoming the preferred choice in both businesses and homes.

In case you do not understand why they are becoming so popular, here are some basic reasons that you too should be considering LEDs for your premises.

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Popular Flooring Styles For 2013/2014

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Sep 112014

Instalacion de pisos laminados

Choosing the right flooring for a home based on trend can have its thrills, as a floor often outlines the distinct theme and style of a specific room. However sometimes to you have to also consider what could be popular in the years to come. Here we take a look at some types of flooring that seem to be flourishing at this moment in time whilst also keeping an eye on what could become a big hit in years to come.

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The Modern, Elegant Look Of Steel Windows And Doors

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Sep 112014

Steel_DoorsLauded for its strength and durability, steel is the go-to material for windows and doors that need to withstand years of wear and harsh weather. Experts consistently recommend steel as the best material for protection against fires and intruders as well.

When it comes to stylish interior design, steel is increasingly becoming the best choice. Whether used to evoke an Old-World style or to make a bold, modern statement, the metallic alloy lends itself well to any decorative style. Continue reading »

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What Is Stamped Concrete?

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Sep 112014

Regular concrete is a mixture of powdered cement, water and some sand and crushed rocks thrown in for good measure.  Most people know concrete as it appears on sidewalks and roadways and holding up buildings, but there are many other applications.  It may all start the same way, but it definitely all doesn’t end the same. Continue reading »

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ETFE Foil – The Best Insulation Material On The Market

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Sep 112014

If you’re thinking about buying new insulation you’re obviously going to want to buy the material that has the best insulating properties for the lowest price. There are a variety of insulating materials sold today including glass wool, polystyrene and wood, but one material that is constantly increasing in popularity is ETFE foil.


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Sep 112014

5081421879 5d38925012 Create beautiful 3D Roofs Tiles in seconds in 3dsmaxAs coverings of homes and buildings, roofs are considered as some of the most vital parts of any structure. Apart from providing protection to its dwellers, roofs can also influence the over-all look of the establishment.

If you are thinking of constructing a new home or building, or perhaps renovating your existing one, then take your choice among these different types of roofs.


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Sep 112014

Automated Lighting Control

Most people are attracted to home automation after learning what automated lighting control can do for them. Once they have the technology in their home, they are usually hooked. Automated lighting includes the remote control of lights, using timer switches to control lights, and setting custom lighting and schedules for light levels.


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Sep 112014

Rollmatic_rollerGarage doors have come a long way since you witnessed your parents struggling to lift a bulky chunk of metal when you were a kid. Recent times have seen the rise of all sorts of modern home technologies, and of these, roller shutter garage doors have been a popular introduction.

Although when they were first released, they were seen as nothing more than a convenient, novelty item. However, as time has progressed and word has spread, the beneficial aspects of these doors have become more and more apparent. Here, we’ll look at a few of them.

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