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cuidados granitoIt is hard to imagine, but there are all kinds of different classification schemes when it comes to stone. Within the UKstone industry the leading firms make things easier for their clients by identifying the stone type and its origin on an individual basis, especially when they are being used to create horizontal surfaces.

From the customer point of view the main area of importance is the durability of the stone – there is no point in installing the product if it has a high chance of breaking or chipping due to the environment it is located in.  In terms of the kitchen setting, granite is the most commontype of stone used to create worktops as its main features are its strength and stain-resistance.

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Sep 112014

lofts-convertetionAs the main intention of any loft conversion is to add useable space to a house, the main criterion for ensuring that your loft is suitable to have such work carried out on it is its size.

As rooms in most houses are of a uniform height, before you do anything else, you will need to check whether you will have enough room in your existing roof space to create an extra room which is at least 2.3 metres (7 feet 6½ inches) high.

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Sep 112014

When the quality of your garden shed matters, forget the Internet specials and get serious by consulting with an all wood manufacturer of garden sheds and more. The UK is fortunate to have the craftsmen and woodworkers that have historically enhanced UK gardens with solid wood garden sheds and solid wood tool sheds.

When you think about your garden, you cannot overlook the importance of a sound, stable, weather resistant garden shed that fits quietly into its designated area.

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Sep 112014

Atlantis, The PalmThe Atlantis Hotel is a luxury resort located in the heart of The Palm Jumeirah, the palm-shaped island, and like many hotels is an attraction in itself, with an architectural design that mimics the Atlantis hotel Paradse Island in the Bahamas.

This luxury hotel has 1539 rooms and comprises two towers joined by a pink color bridge.  It also has made other areas of entertainment that make it appealing to anyone who travels to Dubai for business, tourism.


Among them has a 42-acre water park called Aquaventure, with pools extensive fresh and salt water, a marine habitat situated not far from her long, lovely beach, luxury boutiques, a variety of restaurants, a nightclub, spa and Fitness Club, and 60,000 square feet of meeting and function space. A temple “Ziggurat” with eight waterslides, including a slide through an acrylic tunnel in a pool of sharks.

It has two monorail stations connecting the resort with the entire main section of the Palm Jumeirah.


One thing that makes staring at the Atlantis is the Bridge Suite. The most expensive room in the world, with 10 connecting rooms inside, it costs a whopping $ 25,000 a day.

hotel2The luxuries are endless in this hotel, from the decor of the suite, with gold from their materials, even room service or services of Atlantis. The Suite includes its own butler, bar lounge and 12 foot ceilings.  The Atlantis in Dubai is definitely a spectacular hotel.

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Sep 112014

CALENTADOR PISCINAThe pool heaters in use to extend for longer season swimmingafter the onset of winter. When using a swimming pool heater, you can adjust the water temperature at almost any temperature to comfortably enjoy the pool.
Only during the glaciation of quality can be obtained directly from the sun the heat needed to heat water when summer ends and the temperature begins to cool, the heater can help you to swim longer, especially if you live in areas with winters marked.

If using a pool heater, you should know that it is also advisable to go with a pool cover, a cover can help protect against the loss of heat from the pool, keeping the heat inside the pool water rather than leaving escape quickly. A good cover reduces the amount of heat loss from the water.

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diseño interiores escuelaAn interior designer is responsible for the design, decoration, and functionality of a client’s space, no matter whether it is commercial, industrial, or residential. Interior designers are very creative, imaginative and artistic people. Combining both the knowledge and the artistic vision, interior designers work closely with architects and clients to develop the best possible design solutions. In the following post, we will explain five ways to learn more about interior design.

Online Websites and Blogs

There are many websites and blogs about interior design that promote sharing design and decorating information. You can exchange your thoughts and ideas with other people with the same interests. This social interaction gives you some feedback and allows you can gain new insights and thoughts from different perspectives. This will help you to develop your interior design knowledge and skills.

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Sep 112014

3dsmax illumination

Here we bring you an Advanced Illumination Tips and Tricks with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Combustion Video Tutorials, for those that want to learn more professional techniques using this great graphic softwares.
This session will present basic rules for digital color and illumination. We’ll use different techniques for advanced illumination, and standard and photometric lights for quick results. Included in the discussion will be a review of advanced illumination techniques with MAXScript and the new features of mental ray in Autodesk 3ds Max. We’ll use Autodesk Combustion for preparing different results, retouch our Max illumination for prepared FX, and change parameters like textures, colors, reflections.

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All The Tools And Equipment You Need For A Perfect Garden!

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Sep 112014

Diseño-de-jardinesIf you have just moved into a property, the chances are the garden has been neglected for a while. If you are hankering to turn it into a lush, green paradise then you are going to need to get yourself kitted out with the right tools for the job!

It’s not as expensive as you might think to get set up, and once you have all the tools and equipment that you need to hand you’re good to go! Here are the essential garden implements that you’ll need to make light work of your garden:

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Different individuals have different tastes, and for some people, a dream kitchen would be cutting-edge. They’d be looking for sleek stainless steel countertops, low-profile fittings, and moody, minimal lighting. for others, though, the kitchen is the heart of the home – a place for the family to gather together to eat.

you enjoy spending time cooking or spend more than a little time doing it each day, it’s natural to demand a modicum of comfort from your kitchen. It is for this reason that traditional, cosy kitchen styles remain popular no matter where you live. If you want to create such a style, you’ll have to think carefully about what you fill your kitchen with. Read on for a few top tips.

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Why Choose Sash Windows For Your Home?

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Sep 112014

Peerless Windows Sash WindowIf you’re considering replacing the windows in your home then why not opt for an elegant sash?

The classic design of sash windows has totally stood the test of time and unlike other styles, sash windows are as popular today as they ever were. Read on to find out more about why sash windows could be the ideal choice for your home.

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