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foto de cocina al aire libre 2There is no mystery that summer is known for being the ultimate grilling season.  Accompanied with fresh veggies, ball park franks, the smell of fresh cut grass, and lightening bugs, who wouldn’t want to grill outside for every meal?

Nowadays a standalone grill is not sufficient, grilling has become all about having an outside kitchen. We have all seen those amazing outdoor kitchens, but what is it that makes them so special?  Many people say the kitchen is all about the appliances, others say its all about the finishing touches.

If an outdoor kitchen is crafted carefully it could be the focal point of your house and maybe even the neighborhood. 

Outdoor kitchens tend to utilize stainless steel hardware and cabinets the most.  Using the right materials will ensure that the kitchen lives up to its full potential.  Stainless steel cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles are suggested for outdoor use due to their affordability and durability. Another reason why a majority of stainless steel products are so popular outdoors is because of their ability to compliment many different foundations.  Stainless cabinetry hardware can be bound to: stone, concrete, brick, steel, wood, or stucco and still look fitting.

Consumers tend to prefer stainless steel hardware to other types of hardware because of the quality of the product.

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For example, stainless steel and satin nickel share many of the same characteristics, yet stainless steel has control over the consumers.  If the products are virtually identical, why is there a difference in sales?  Consumers tend to chose handles and knobs made out of stainless steel because the properties provide more of a shine. A cleaner finish extends the product shelf life and eliminates the need for upkeep. 

Another pro to using stainless steel, is the detail that the finish can provide.  These knobs, handles, and pulls have the ability to be further customized.  This type of element eliminates the need for complex and expensive cabinetry. Thus, simplifying whatever redesign project you are working.

Not sure of what cabinetry or finishes to go with?

If you are trying to decide what material to use in an outdoor kitchen, take a minute to consider what type of climate the fixtures have to withstand.  As previously stated, stainless steel fixtures are the most promising.  Stainless steel pulls are resistant to corrosion, which decreases the amount of time and effort needed to protect your hardware from the harsh elements of the outdoors.

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Popularity is another benefit to using stainless steel finishes.  A majority of recent kitchen upgrades feature stainless steel appliances and fixtures because of the superiority the product.  This is a plus when you stop to consider the competition this creates in the market.

With an overwhelming need for fixtures, companies are forced to stay competitive by offering the best products.  Fortunately, this means that the consumer is at an advantage as they have the ability to shop around for the best deals while also having access to some of the best inventories.  Take advantage of the market, go find the best cabinets and fixtures that fit your needs!

Browse below for some fabulous outdoor kitchen design ideas.

foto cocina aire libre   cocina al aire libre

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