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This piece provides a detailed description of the properties of ETFE foil and explains the numerous advantages that stand to be gained from using it.


If you are considering renovating your business’s premises you might be also looking for ways to lower energy bills through energy efficient construction. Reducing energy bills is becoming increasingly important among businesses, and as energy costs continue to rise company owners seek out new and innovative designs and materials they can incorporate into their building.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will greatly benefit from choosing a suitable and efficient insulator, and as such appropriate time should be spent reviewing this topic.

One of the most popular materials used for insulation today is ETFE foil, and this material is far superior to standard insulators like glass wool or polystyrene.   I advise any business owners thinking about renovating their workplace to use this material for roofing and insulating purposes. ETFE properties are more efficient than the those of rival roof insulation materials.


ETFE stands for Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene, and it is a type of highly transparent modified copolymer. As well as being highly transparent, this material has excellent insulating properties and this can help keep energy costs down through a reduction in energy consumption.

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As the material’s transparency allows for a greater natural light transmission, the need for artificial lighting will also be reduced as will electricity usage, again helping to keep your energy expenses to a minimum. Although it’s possible to buy single layer membranes, I recommend that you opt for a multilayered system of between two and five layers of foil.

The more layers you have the more efficient the insulation will be, and a triple layer foil roof has better insulation value than triple glazing. The multilayer systems utilise pneumatic cushions that are kept in place through the use of a small pressure unit.   This combination greatly increases the insulation properties and provides the roofing with a stable structure.

Benefits of ETFE Foil

There are a large number of benefits you and your employees stand to gain if you choose to use ETFE foil in the renovations of your premises.

The transparency of this material obviously reduces the need for artificial light, but it also increases the amount of natural light that fills the room.   This has a positive affect on people in the room, and studies conducted on schools that use ETFE foil have found that their students are more productive since the introduction of the fibre. One of the strongest features of ETFE foil is it’s weight, as this material is about 1% of the weight of a relative plane of glass.

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This makes ETFE foil very easy to use in construction work, and it can reduce the amount of scaffolding needed to work on the roof.   ETFE foil is also able to support up to 400 times its own weight, making it ideal for use in areas with heavy rainfall or snow. This material is extremely environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. ETFE foil is very low maintenance as it is resistant to environmental weathering and is not affected by UV radiation the same way other roofing materials are.   Using ETFE material in the renovation of your company building will keep energy costs down and staff morale up, but it’s important to buy from a distinguished company such as Vector Foiltec.

James Murphy is an energy blogger with a keen interest in new materials created for conservation and efficiency purposes. James spends his free time visiting museums and art galleries.

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