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Minimalist Architecture expands very quickly, thanks to the simplicity of its lines. A symbol of modern architecture that uses the basic geometry of the forms.


The concept minimalism comes by a trend which rescues the concept of “minimum”. Mies Van Der Rohe was the pioneer in this trend by proposing his famous phrase “less is more” or “less is more” from there derives the term and the tendency to get far with the bare minimum.

Minimalism is the tendency to reduce to the essential, not decorative excess, to stand by its geometry and its simplicity. Is the line, transparencies, textures, is the functionality and spatiality, is light and the environment.


Minimalism is a sign of our time, the architecture is minimal it is human cold, it highlights the nature and light.

In almost all modern developments is present this style.

fachada minimalista

Glass, stone, rustic plaster and wood. A whole range of natural materials combined in compositions of straight lines and rational.

arquitectura minimalista

On these fronts, there is an economic language and the media, austerity and simplicity in response to the current time. But not minimalist facades lose prominence. Minimalist houses by themselves are protagonists and not a decoration recharged.

The use of light and spaciousness are very particular in this style. The harmony of materials and shapes distinguish this current present in all forms of art.


All facades stand straight lines and blocks of pure forms and simple. From the color tends to monochrome tones predominating soft white and ecru. Always creating contrasting materials and textures.

The minimalist architecture uses monochromatic environments. A break in minimalism can be given for painting a wall in a raised tone than the rest of the atmosphere, but does not allow changes so bold as bright colors or far from the neutral (brown, beige, tan).



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