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interior minimalistaMinimalist architecture is the tendency of reducing to the essentials, without excessive use of decorative elements. It is icharacterized by the extreme simplicity of its forms, pure  lines, clear spaces and neutral colors, in an environment with balance and harmony.

The idea of minimalism can be described as “less is more,” or as some designers and architects are fond of saying, “doing more with less.” Minimalist architects use space as a design feature in and of itself. Instead of trying to fill space with features, they create designs in which the empty space is as carefully thought out and used as everything they add to the room. Basic shapes and straight, clean lines are also important techniques used in minimalist design, as is playing around with different kinds of lighting.

Photos of Minimalist Houses:

If you have just purchased a  terrain and want to build a minimalistic house, something that you need to do is prepare an architectural plan to design the House. In this step, one of the options we have is search for the greatest possible number of home designs photos that may serve as references in the design of our home. These photos represent  minimalist modern design  that you may consider as references for design concepts.


manhattan-house-10      Casa-Minimalista-Brasil-3

casaminimalista     Minimalismo-Piedra




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