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vacuum-systemThe future is here today with an idea born in Sweden nearly a century ago. This simple idea about improved vacuuming can actually increase your home’s value, as installation of a central vacuum system is considered a permanent improvement.

An Aerus Electrolux central vacuum in particular also adds value because of its superb cleaning power, which keeps your family healthier and improves the atmosphere in your home. The main power unit, installed in a garage or basement, links to an inlet in each room.

This is a convenience as you don’t need to drag a heavy vacuum around your house in order to clean your floors. What you vacuum up in each room goes right out to the central unit and doesn’t re-enter the atmosphere in your home. Installation is easy. You can have an Aerus Electrolux central vacuum system installed as your new home is being built or in an existing dwelling. It comes with a five-year guaranty.

vacuum system 

The Aerus Electrolux central vacuum has some great features. You can choose from among three different model series and price levels. Its filtration system, located in the canister, captures and traps 99.97% of allergens and dust as small as 0.3 microns. This capability operates within HEPA standards (“High-Efficiency Particulate Air”), and the filter is washable. A consistent airflow is achieved through powerful cyclonic suction that prevents clogs. Since the main unit is located away from the living areas, the Aerus Electrolux central vacuum system is very quiet.

central-vacuum-system   Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

It cleans more than just carpets – upholstery, bare floors and crevices benefit, too. Coverage from inlets in each room is up to 7,000 square feet, and you can choose conventional or Supervalve inlet styles. Either of these inlets work with a patented hose, which swivels 360 degrees for ease of use and less pressure. The low maintenance of the Aerus Electrolux central vacuum is a big plus over other more conventional vacuum styles. The main unit has a 6-gallon rustproof tank, and there is no bag. This saves money, fussing, and gives better airflow. With normal usage you will only need to empty the tank twice per year. An electronic indicator will tell you when to empty the tank or when the unit needs to be serviced. Hassle free, out of sight and quiet, combined with powerful cleaning – what more could you ask for in terms of a great vacuuming experience?

The Aerus Electrolux central vacuum is made by a company originally formed in 1924 under the name Electrolux. In 2000 it began offering a line of other innovative products under the name Aerus L.L.C., after the Greek name for “air.” Learn more about Aerus and other vacuum companies at

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