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Studying for a career in Interior Decorating can be quite expensive. It requires many hours of study and practical work under a qualified tutor. It is important for aspiring professionals to learn the basics to decide if this is the right career for them. The basics are also essential for novice designers who want to start their careers by undertaking personal home interior decorating.

Room Use

The first step in interior decoration is to determine the purpose of the room you intend to decorate. Consider the basic furniture that the room requires, what will be kept in the room and what will be replaced.

One of the most essential tools for interior decorators is the colour wheel. The effects of colours in a room can be defined using four colour terms:  – Triad ,  Complementary ,  Monochromatic ,  Analogous

Complementary colours refer to colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Triad colours are based on a triangle across the colour wheel. Analogous colours are colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Monochromatic colours are hues of the same colour.

The furniture you keep in a room determines the style of the room. There are many room style categories and subcategories. For instance, the country category has many subcategories including shaker, Amish, cottage and shabby chic among others. Basic style categories include formal, traditional, country and modern among others.

Line of the Room
The mood of a room is set by the direction of the lines you choose. Vertical lines represent balance and formality, horizontal lines are casual and restful, diagonal lines leads the eyes of people as they come into the room while curved lines emphasise softness and femininity.

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This adds interest and additional dimensions to a room. Rougher textures are suitable for casual styles while smooth textures work well with modern, formal looks. However, you can use different textures in a room without going to the extreme.

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Principles of Home Decorations
Home decorations should be determined by the purpose of a room. For example if the purpose of a room is for relaxing and entertainment, there is no need to decorate it with dainty flowers and pastel colours.

On the same breath, there is no need to decorate a dining room with a sports jersey on the wall. Although there are exceptions to this rule, the general principles should be observed. Room d├ęcor should complement the purpose of the room.

This is an essential principle in interior design. There are two main types of balance – symmetrical and asymmetrical. To create symmetrical balance, objects must line up perfectly with each other. For example, when decorating a fireplace with candles, place two candles directly opposite each other on the fireplace hearth. This creates a symmetrical balanced look. This type of balance makes people feel comfortable because it is relevant to the human form. Asymmetrical design is popular in modern interior design because it is more casual. To create an asymmetrical balance when decorating a fireplace, place a candle on one end of the fireplace and a knickknack of similar size on the other end.

This refers to the beauty of space. Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces is a basic principle of home decoration. Some of the factors to consider in interior decoration include balance, purpose, flow and harmony. The way elements in a room work together are referred to as flow and harmony. You can create practical and functional spaces by arranging items around a focal point.

Interior decorating is an art. Home decorations should express homeowners’ personal styles. There are distinct differences between interior decorating and interior design. The basic principles of interior decorating emphasise purpose, balance and aesthetics.

Paul is a DIY and home improvement enthusiast who works at FR Cathcart in Northern Ireland. He regularly advises people on home improvement.

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