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serenitypoolfsmauiIn many hotels and architectural magazines we often see visually pleasing pictures of pools that seem to be quite indefinite in size. These are called infinity or overflow pools. In these pools the water level is the same as superior part of the pool’s terrace, which means that there is no difference of levels between the perimeter surrounding the pool and the water.

In this kind of perimeter or in a specific designed side of the perimeter a canal forms where the overflow water drains, in which a large mirror seems to come out of the pool’s surface.

The overflowing system is identified due to the trash being taken away from the water mirror without polluting the volume or reaching the maximum depth. In this system, the water that overflows takes the shape of a canal towards the filtration system, once the water takes place there it is then filtrated and sent back again to the pool, initiating the cycle once again. The infiltrated water is released by the ground and produces and overflow of the superior surface.

piscinas infinity hotel

An overflowing pool has the advantage of improving the hydraulics of the pool’s water due to the inverse circulation, this makes the water to become cleaner and take less time to cross the pool when we take a swim, which translates to an effective elimination of the pollutants within the water.

The overflowing pools require a filtration system of a particular size (sometimes even double the size of a similar pool with Skimmers). But they have the advantage of an almost self-cleaning process in the bottom of the pool while the obtained water quality is excellent.

Advantages of the Infinity Pools

– With the system of indefinite pools a better filtration quality is obtained, since the water is in constant circulation and the contaminants are trapped with greater ease by the purification filters.


– A better homogenous distribution of the chemical products is present.

– Due to the level of water being the same as the surroundings, a better scenic integration of the pool is acquired. The surface of the water becomes in another decorative element.

Infinity edge consist in one of the most popular pool designs as well as the most expensive, due to being one of the favorites from scenic architects and expert designers in this field. Infinity pools respond effectively to an architectonic integration with the scenic environment. Its designs strive to achieve a visual effect of unlimited expansion, aquatic infiniteness and the fusion with the sea, which in this case is with the sky.

Infinity pools types  are often built in scenic places such as the peak of mountains, in front of a beach, etc. In the process of building the infinity pool, it must be taken into consideration the structural engineering. The high costs of these pools are usually focused on the base systems that support the piles of the pool itself.

Functioning of Infinity Pools

piscina infinita desbordante

– The purification of an vanishing edge pool needs a compensation deposit with enough space to hold between five and ten percent of the pool’s volume and the same where the overflowed water is collected.

– When the purification system is running, the recirculation pump vacuums water from the compensation deposit and it is then released into the infinity pool through impulsion pipes that are located in the maximum depth of the pool. In which this water is then overflowed and collected by a canal surrounding the perimeter of the pool and taken back to the compensation deposit.

Infinity edge pools require special knowledge for good functioning. The building process of the pool must be carefully done in the sides where the overflowing systems of the water will be located. The pump of the water must have the precise capacity and must be able to pump the adequate volume of water that is needed.



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