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endless infinity poolIf you are looking for ideas to build an infinity pool, vanishig edge or overflow pool,as they are called too, in a spectacular way, we leave here a wonderful display of photos of infinity pools, with a very original and innovative aspect. No doubt this kind of pool is one of the most popular designs in pools, and also the most expensive, since it is the preferred  for landscape architects and designers  experts in this field.

Known as endless pool, infinity, infinity or pool without borders which is constructed in a way such that one side is under water level by causing an overflow, giving the impression, from the inside of the pool, that  the line of the horizon meets the sheet of water of our pool and this way our pool tends to infinity.  This effect is particularly impressive when the swimming pool is located against a greater expanse of water as the sea, or when it is in a high ground and has the sky as a background.

Infinity Pools Photos:


PISCINA DESBORDANTE  serenitypoolfsmaui

pools-1-l   Piscinahotelcaruso




The fact of feeling over the walls of the infinity pool, without any obstacles between the water and the horizon produces a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.



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