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aspe-boneHow would you like the tiles of your study room to be messy and look separate from the rest of your study room? Nobody in their right mind would like that.

The average housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing various dishes for herself and her family therefore it’s common sense that the kitchen tile design of her kitchen should be pleasing and should provide her with not only comfort but also an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while cooking in her kitchen. Ideally, properly selected tiles will merge themselves with other elements of the kitchen and not stand out too much.

When you’re selecting a tile to be used either for your walls or floors its best to take the person who will spend most of the time cooking and being in the kitchen along; after all that’s who your kitchen design should please.

Choosing a tile pattern for the kitchen can be difficult. Kitchens are unique from other rooms and areas of your home in many different ways especially since walls near the stove tops need to be able to withstand a high amount of heat because of this you will need to select tiles that can withstand heat and not expand too much. Additionally, even with a good exhaust system your tiles will eventually be caked with soot and oils.

Because of this it is essential a tile that can withstand these types of environments as well. This is why you cannot pick just any tile but should choose a tile designed specifically for kitchens. Of course another factor is stain resistance, kitchen tiles face stain after stain and if you do not select the proper tile you will have a tough time cleaning them.


Now back to being an aesthetically pleasing element of the kitchen. Many people use a single color of kitchen tile but it’s best to mix them up quite a bit to help brighten up the kitchen. In order to do this I recommend visiting many different tile shops to find the best selection of multi-colored tiles be sure to understand, as shown above, which type of tiles are appropriate for kitchens.

If you need any assistance with is someone in any tile store should be able to help you and also many stores include illustrated books which will lay out what types of tiles will work best in a kitchen environment.

I don’t know if you are interested in also using kitchen tiles for your floors but if you are, even more so than on walls, it is essential that you make your floor tile pattern match with your appliances, counter tops and even cabinets. If this seems like a lot for you always have the option of consulting an interior designer or decorator as these people are professionals and make these sorts of decisions for a living day in and day out.

Remember it’s important not only what your tiles look like but also that they are the ideal tile for kitchen area.


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