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Home is where the heart is; it’s where we raise our families and spend some of the best moments of our lives. It’s only natural to want to protect such a special place and the people in it.

With new security systems appearing on the market everyday it can be difficult to know how best to secure your home. Herewith then a number of useful home security tips:

Don’t Leave the Lights On

Many people feel that leaving the lights on in their home while they go out to dinner will deter thieves from trying to break in.  However, a number of security experts believe that it doesn’t act as a deterrent and that the only result will be a bigger electricity bill at the end of the month.

Do Use a Timer

It is useful to place your exterior lights on a timer so that they’ll go on when you arrive from work at night; especially if you have to walk through the garden or the area around your front door is quite dark. Not only won’t you waste electricity and always be able to see what you’re doing, there won’t be any gloomy corners for intruders to hide in. If you don’t want to leave the lights on for set times, motion-sensitive lights are also a good alternative

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Don’t Advertise Your Alarm System

Another security tip is not to place signs with the logo of the company that installed your alarm system on, or around, your property.  It will make it easier for committed burglars to break in; as they’ll be able to research the system and how to override it.

Do Advertise Emergency Response

This do is a bit tricky; criminals might know how long the response time from a particular security company is and work around it. They might also know what authentication they require and force residents to supply the information. On the other hand a sign from such a company might deter the average burglar; convincing him that robbing your home will be too risky.

Don’t Leave Keys under the Pot Plant

You might think that your hiding place is wonderfully clever but, professional thieves know all the tricks; why risk them finding your well hidden keys?

Do Replace All the Locks When Moving In

You’ve no way of knowing whether the previous owners of your new home can account for every set of keys; they may have given a set to a friend or an ex-employee who could use them to gain access to what is now your property. Changing the locks ensures that no one but you and yours have the keys to the castle.

Don’t Hide Valuables in the Bedroom

This is an old but a good security tip. The bedroom is the first place a burglar will look in for valuables like jewels or cash. If you need to hide something precious rather stash it in a different room like the kitchen. It’s far from full proof but at least you’ll stand a better chance of it remaining hidden.

Do Invest in a Safe

If you have to keep something on site a safe still offers the greatest protection and hindrance to thieves. By all means invest in a good one but make sure not to keep the combination in an obvious place. A number of people disguise the code as a phone number on their mobiles.

Even the best security systems can’t make up for human error so pay attention to who you allow access to your home, what you allow outsiders to see and how you secure your possessions. Practicing these security tips will go a long way to making your home safer.


Pippa Green is a London-based blogger who’s recently bought her first home. She’s currently shopping around for home security; particularly for good cctv installers.

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